Tadka Boom! Surprise vegan

The wrap unwrapped showing vegetable and lentil filling

Have you ever been somewhere to buy your lunch in a place that you aren’t even sure would have anything you can eat… and there’s a vegan working there who steps forward like some kind of saviour, and knows exactly what you can eat?

It’s happened to me 3 wonderful times now, and one of those times was today, when I went to buy my lunch.
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Rainy day curry

Curry in the wok on the stove

Well the spring-time party is well and truly over in Melbourne! After all those blue skies and daffodils, today we had gale-force winds, rain and hail.

While I was sitting on the tram quietly congratulating myself on wearing  my raincoat to work today, the tram came to a stop and the lights went out. This wasn’t the usual minor blip in our journey, the tram had lost all power, and the driver announced that we’d have to walk through from Smith Street to Brunswick Street (which ended up being 15 minutes in the bucketing rain) to catch a re-routed tram.

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Colonial Tramcar Restaurant has vegan food!

Vegie stack

A couple of months ago my mum’s older brother died. We travelled to the country for his funeral, and on the 2-hour drive home we chatted in the car about how we should get out together more often (preferably not at a funeral next time!).

So when Mum suddenly said, “I’d love to go on that restaurant tram at night, so I can see all the city lights!” the family machine kicked into motion, with the resulting back and forth emails about who could make it and when, what time sunset was, would they cater to vegetarians and vegans…you know the kind of thing.
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Another family birthday

Triple layer chocolate and strawberry cake

At our place, at this time of the year, birthdays come in quick succession, and last week it was my husband, B’s, turn to celebrate.

Our daughter jumped at the chance to bake another of her special cakes – the more year 12 study she needs to do, the more cakes we’re eating! B and I also took the opportunity to have a night on the town.

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Green Press: lunch and a good book

Green smoothie, Ginny Bar and a good book

When it comes to my work day lunches, I sometimes find it a bit of a challenge to think of something to eat. It’s fine if I’ve brought my own – usually leftovers from the night before – but if I have to buy my lunch, my choices are a bit limited.

Over the last few months I’ve been a little bit excited about some new cafes that have opened up nearby – but never quite as excited as when a new juice/smoothie/salad café opened its doors recently.

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Where to eat with omnivores

Open House Melbourne programOpen House Melbourne is on this weekend and learning our lesson from previous years, we decided to choose only a couple of venues, rather than trying to see everything and becoming tired and emotional!

At 8.15 am we queued up at the beautiful Block Arcade in Collins Street for tickets for a guided tour of the upstairs levels. It was just fascinating, with stairs and passageways, outside walkways, a funny little phone box and beautiful leadlight windows and woodwork. And as usual, I forgot to take a picture! Doh! Then we went to the Capitol Theatre, only find that they are only open on Sunday. Doh again!

So we turned our thoughts to food. We’d planned to try Wagamama for lunch, after reading Veganopoulous’s recent post, but by lunch time we were right up at the other end of the city, so we decided to head out and try another place on our list—the Fox Hotel. Continue reading

Vegan fast food

Three quarters of a pizza in a cardboard pizza box.

Chilli bean pizza with potato and vegan cheese – yum! Oops, I was so hungry I started eating before I took a photo.

It’s been a really long week, and we’re all really tired and hungry. The cupboard is pretty much bare by the end of the week too, so it’s hard to think of anything to make for dinner. Time to take advantage of Mr Natural Vegetarian Pizza* delivery service!

We usually get takeaway once a week, when we’re REALLY tired, but since we stopped eating animal products, I’ve been thinking we’d have to give up takeaway pizza or settle for cheese-free. Then I Googled ‘vegan pizza Melbourne’ and found Mr Natural.

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