Rarotonga: escaping Melbourne’s winter

Most people wouldn’t need to be begged or nagged to go to a South Pacific island, but I did. I had so many reasons not to go, that it’s taken my husband, B, almost 25 years to get me to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands – but I’m glad I finally made it, and now I can’t wait to go back!

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Save the chickens!

Partially de-feathered chicken, running free on the grass

It seems like everyone’s talking about chickens lately! If you were in Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall a couple of weeks back, you might have seen the inaugural Melbourne Chicken Save rally. A few days later, Animals Australia launched their new campaign to raise awareness about factory farming of chickens, and finally, the chicks (do you like that?) at Our Hen House aired the first episode of their community/online TV show.

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Taiji and Puckapunyal: Cruelty right under our noses

Dolphin's face

Social media seems to be buzzing with pictures and stories of the horrific dolphin massacre in Taiji, Japan. It seems like the whole world is watching on helplessly, as these beautiful, intelligent creatures are terrorised, tortured and butchered or kidnapped.

We find it hard to understand how the Japanese people could let this go on. Well, something I heard on a podcast a couple of days ago gave me an insight into how these kinds of atrocities can be kept hidden when the perpetrators know that what they’re doing can’t be justified.

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Surviving the Spring Racing Carnival

Mister Nice Guy cupcakes at Williamstown

Verema didn’t survive

Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival has been depressing – especially when Verema was euthanased on the track after breaking a leg (or something like that). I tried not to read any of the articles on any of it, because it just made me feel sick – especially this article by Michael Lynch in the Age, which totally misses the point. RIP Verema.

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And they’re racing!

Melbourne loves the Spring Racing Carnival. I was 9 years old when I picked my first Melbourne Cup winner – Think Big – and I picked him in both 1974 and 1975 (but never picked a winner again).

Man in suit holding two glasses of wine.

Lots of people are once-a-year punters, and some even get so engrossed in the excitement and glamour that they buy a share in a racehorse, hoping to make a killing with the next Makybe Diva or Black Caviar – and I’m pretty sure they have no idea just how much killing is involved (good pun, eh?).

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Be Kind to Animals Week 2013

Bruschetta from Bruschetta Bar

Happy Be Kind to Animals Week! It’s been a big week in Melbourne. It made me very thankful that I have a very nice vegetarian (almost vegan) manager (hi KJ if you’re reading this! 🙂 ) who was happy for me to rearrange my week so I could get along to a couple of the events.

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