Tadka Boom! Surprise vegan

Have you ever been somewhere to buy your lunch in a place that you aren’t even sure would have anything you can eat… and there’s a vegan working there who steps forward like some kind of saviour, and knows exactly what you can eat?

It’s happened to me 3 wonderful times now, and one of those times was today, when I went to buy my lunch.
Vegan MOFO 2014
I was late to get lunch, because I’d been relieving on the reception desk in the office, so I was at a bit of a loose end and not sure what to eat.

Goldsborough Lane

If this picture wasn’t so dark, you’d see there are lots of places to eat lunch in Goldsborough Lane.

Normally on a Friday I order a salad online and pick it up from a local café (so I don’t have to wait in the lunchtime queue), but I’d forgotten to place my order and I was feeling pretty uninspired.

I wandered up to Goldsborough Lane to see what I could find, and discovered a new (to me) place – Tadka Boom!

I loitered around, reading the menu through the window, to see if there was anything I would eat.

Tadka Boom!

It was a big, overwhelming menu, so it took me a while. As I was standing there, I was offered a sample cup of iced tea, which was very nice, and was handed a paper copy of the menu.

I couldn’t see anything vegan, but I took the chance and wandered in and just asked. The guy behind the counter brightened up and said, “Vegan?…Hey Vegan, I have a vegan, what would you suggest?”

He’d called to one of the other guys (a vegan!) who came over and discussed what I felt like eating and what would be suitable.

I settled on a spinach roti, and he recommended the spicy lentil and salad filling.

spinach roti wrap

The wrap still wrapped.

It was very well wrapped and holding together well, so I was hesitant to unwrap it – but if I hadn’t, you wouldn’t have been able to see what was in it, so I sacrificed neatness for a photo.

The wrap unwrapped showing vegetable and lentil filling

The wrap unwrapped a bit, so you can see what’s inside.

It was really good. It was satisfying, without being super-sized. It was spicy and hot-ish, but not so hot that I needed a cold drink.  The filling was a mixture of fresh, crisp vegies and warm, spicy lentils. A real winner!

It wasn’t until I got on the tram tonight and unfolded the paper menu I’d been handed that I realised that there are actually items on the menu marked ‘vegetarian’ (a green capsicum icon) and items marked ‘vegan on request’ (a brown wheaty V icon).

As it turns out, there are actually quite a few vegan items available, including paratha, samosa and potato sliders.

I’m just going to have to go back and sample all the rest of the vegan options soon – perhaps even before the end of Vegan Mofo?


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