The vegan option

A happy customer at the Mr Burger truck

Mr Burger! – nnnooooo! Their rolls aren’t vegan – but they will serve it all in lettuce leaves. :-/

We all know that there are lots of lovely vegetarian restaurants and cafes offering delicious veg*n food, but this doesn’t always help when we’re eating out with meat eaters at meat-focused restaurants.

Lately I’ve been really happy to find vegan options popping up in the most unexpected places.

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Who were your shoes?

My Long Icicle boots from Vegan Wares, Melbourne

My Vegan Wares birthday boots – and my chunky calves.

“Who do you think those shoes were?” There’s nothing like a newly-vegan teenager to bring you back to earth when you’re trying to wear out your old leather shoes!

My daughter was referring, of course, to the animal whose skin was used to make my shoes.
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I couldn’t give up my cheese

Calf nuzzling its mumMost vegan people I know, including myself, have been vegetarian before they became vegan. (OK, Marieke Hardy went cold-tofurkey from meat eater to vegan, which is pretty damned incredible) , but most of us begin by giving up eating flesh and continuing to consume milk and cheese and eggs, smug in the ‘knowledge’ that no animal has had to die for our meals. Ha!

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Knitting: the colder months

3 balls of non-animal yarn and a half knitted scarf

From left: Patons Rainbow (8 ply acrylic), Patons Zhivago (acrylic and tencel) and Katia Degrade “Sun” (100% cotton), which I’m using to knit a neck warmer (short scarf thingy).

Winter has suddenly hit Melbourne, with maximum temperatures in the mid-teens each day, and as this is my first winter as a vegan knitter, I’m facing a few challenges.

There are not many pastimes, in Melbourne, that are quite as cold as standing at a tram stop in a chilly, early-morning breeze. So, when I reached for one of my favourite handknitted neckwarmers last week, and remembered it was made of WOOL, I had a little moment of panic. Would I wear it and feel sad whenever I looked at it, or go without it and freeze. I chose to wear it, and work out a replacement as soon as possible.

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Vegans are taking over the world!

fish swimming in a restaurant tank

Fish in a tank at a Lonsdale Street restaurant.

Late in April, one of my workmates decided that she was going to have ‘Meat-free May’. Well, I tried not to look TOO over-excited, but you can imagine how rapt I was! Such a great idea—I think we should promote it widely. (She’s actually making every month a special month in 2013. I think someone suggested that she also set one aside for dating hot men, or something 🙂 ).

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Celebrating with lemon meringue pie!

Lemon meringue pie

Here’s how mine turned out.

Yesterday I handed in my final assessment piece for my Masters course— what a relief!  So, after another semester of throwing together dinner, buying takeaway and eating out, I just wanted to take my time and make a bit of a special celebratory dinner tonight.

With some yummy puffed tofu in the fridge waiting to be eaten, I had a hankering for a Thai curry, and visited S-I-X shops before I found a Thai curry paste that didn’t contain shrimp paste. I’ve bought it many times before but, for the life of me, I couldn’t remember where I’d got it! I wouldn’t give up though. My mouth was already watering at the thought of the curry.

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