Eating out

For vegans it’s really exciting to go to a restaurant where we can select from the full menu, and not just have to settle for the 1 or 2 options available (if we’re lucky). I don’t always feel like spaghetti napoletana or a vegetable stack or a chicken salad with the chicken removed (yes, that really happened!). Sometimes I just want to scan a menu and choose something I really feel like.

The following Melbourne restaurants and cafes are really good for vegan food. This list is nowhere near exhaustive, but just lists some of my favourites.

Restaurant reviews

I’m not doing reviews though. There’s no point when Michael and Cindy over at Where’s the beef? do them so well. Search for the area of Melbourne you’re in, and chances are they’ve already been there and checked out what’s available!

My favourites

Here are some of my favourites, in alphabetical particular order:

Admiral Cheng Ho – I’ve only ever had their BLAT. Why order something else when you’ve found perfection?

Fox Hotel, Collingwood – Also great for eating with omnivores, but the menu is quite a bit fancier than the Gasometer’s.

Gopals, Melbourne – cheap and casual with good Karma. A peaceful place to relax by the window and read a book.

Green Press, Melbourne – superfood smoothies, salads, vegan sweets, wraps, soups and pressed juices.

Lord of the Fries, all over the place, but we go to Brunswick Street or Melbourne – yeah, I know they’re junk food, but sometimes I just feel like that.

Loving Hut, Northcote – All vegan and very clean. Open in the evenings.

Maha – Exceptional vegan degustation with no fuss and lots of imagination.

Merry Cupcakes – Not sure if they’re accidentally vegan, but they don’t make a big deal of it.

Mister Nice Guy’s Bakeshop – I’ve raved about this place enough already. Read my posts for more.

Mr Natural Pizza, North Fitzroy – easy, tasty, convenient and very satisfying. You know I love it, because I’ve already told you.

Papasito – Heaps of vegan options, and they even have cashew cheese!

Raw Trader – I once ate a big dessert lunch here, and didn’t even feel sick or guilty afterwards.

Shakahari, Carlton – this one’s a little bit more special, with dishes that I’d never be bothered to make myself.

Smith and Daughters – We all know about this place!

Smith and Deli – Hidden in a side street in Fitzroy, but definitely worth looking for. Eat the Wagon Wheels!

Transformer Fitzroy – OK, I haven’t been there yet, but I’ve drooled over the menu and heard great reports. This is the venue for our next family birthday dinner!

Trippy Taco – Vegetarian with LOTS of vegan options…including vegan ‘nutella’ tortillas with soy ice cream!

Vegie Bar, Fitzroy – the extensive menu includes raw foods, and amazing raw vegan desserts and juices.


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