The Easter Bunny’s buddies

Small brown rabbitDid the Easter Bunny come to your house last night?

He dropped by our place and left us enough chocolate to make sure we have been thoroughly ill for the day.

He’s very kind to people—it’s a pity humans aren’t always so kind to rabbits.

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Easter eggs

Chocolate Easter egg in box.Very pleased to find this little beauty at Leo’s supermarket the other day!

It’s a Fairtrade vegan Easter egg from Chocolatier. I know it’s early, but I thought I’d better grab a few of these while they were there—I suspect they won’t last very long.

I must admit, I thought I’d have to search a bit further afield than my regular supermarket to find something we’d eat this year, so this was a really great surprise. We’ll probably need more chocolate than this to get our fix though. Continue reading