Cafes near work and my breakfast

carrot, celery, apple, ginger and beetroot juice from Kinfolk cafe.

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I stop for a brief blogging breather and next thing I  know 4 days have gone by since my last post! I can’t let Vegan MoFo beat me, after all it’s almost over (just like the AFL footy season). I have a folder of half written posts, so rather than finish each one, I’m going to mash them all together into one post about what I’ve eaten lately.

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Vic Market vegie treats

Scrambled tofu and toastDoh! Once again I’ve cooked and eaten my delicious dinner without thinking to take a photo of it to share here. This blogging caper is harder than it looks!

LUCKILY I have a back up. I did take a photo of the delicious breakfast I ate at Queen Victoria Market this morning.

Invita, a café next to the Market’s organic produce section, just outside the Deli Hall, sells fantastic vegetarian food for breakfast, brunch and lunch. They aren’t totally vegan, but they have a good range of both vegetarian and vegan food, and quite a bit of gluten-free as well. They don’t actually call themselves vegetarian, but their tagline is “Living food”, so I think that’s a hint.

The breakfast menu includes pancakes, muesli, fruit bread…and my favourite…scrambled tofu.
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