Munsterhaus: I’ve been missing out!

Our filled bowls on the bench in the Munsterhaus window.

I’m starting to think I’m a bit slow. I’ve heard lots of people rave about Munsterhaus over the years, but I had no idea it was all vegetarian − and almost all vegan!

How did this lovely place, so close to home, escape my attention for all these years?

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Mad Cowgirls: vegan goodies close to home

Bookcase at Mad Cowgirls

Mad Cowgirls vegan grocery shop in Preston is a treasure trove of vegan goodies. The big advantage of this shop over the Cruelty Free Shop (for me) is that I can drop in quickly to grab something for dinner – because I can easily park nearby (with no parking metres!). They stock everything from Botanical Cuisine nut cheeses to chocolate-coated honeycomb (no honey, of course) to cute vegan jewellery and t-shirts, and even humane mousetraps.

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Miss Chu and Madame K feed us

Tempura banana with strawberries

Computer problems sort of fixed…for now. So I’m back with a post I originally wrote with an actual pen, on actual paper, last week, when I couldn’t use my computer at all. It’s all about last weekend…

I’ve just had a really fun weekend. Great weather, delicious food, comedy, vegan lollies, gardening, catching up with old friends – and, as I mentioned in my last short post, finding palm-oil free Panko breadcrumbs!

There’s just too much for one post, so I’ll start here, with a couple of the places we ate: Miss Chu and Madame K’s Vegetarian.

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Update: Palm oil free Panko breadcrumbs

Just a quick update on my What’s that ingredient? post from last week.

Kooka Crumbs Panko breadcrumbs

In the post, I mentioned that the Nisshin Seifun Panko breadcrumbs contained palm oil. I hadn’t realised that until I got them home, and thought I’d have to search far and wide to find palm oil free Panko breadcrumbs.

Coincidentally, a couple of days ago I heard that there is another brand that is readily available in Australia, which doesn’t contain palm oil. Hooray!

Kook A Krumb (above) use canola oil instead. I found them in my regular supermarket, in the baking section.

That sick feeling

I’ve had a big weekend, and have a couple of new posts on the go…but I’ve had hideous computer/iPad problems today and…well, I don’t want to go into it, because I get that sick feeling. I’m sure you know the one.  :-/

Hopefully it’ll be sorted soon, because I have to report on all the food I bought and/or ate this weekend. And there was some really good stuff! 🙂

Curry Cafe: It’s Thali Time and everybody’s happy!

H's dinner

Wednesday was exhausting – work, appointments and parent-teacher-student meetings. It was only 6.30 pm, but we were all exhausted, we hadn’t made it home – we needed food and we needed it fast.

We all (yes all 4 of us!) agreed to meet up at Curry Cafe in High Street, Northcote (or Westgarth to Westgarthians) and happily, we lucked out – it was Thali time!

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