Quick quesadillas and Great Earth

Great Earth

Monday was hot and steamy and very busy for us. We were all tired, and desperately needed something very easy, but delicious for dinner. I had a heap of broccoli and some mushrooms to use up, so when I found Nava Atlas’s recipe for Quesadillas with black beans, broccoli and portabellas I thought I’d hit the jackpot, because I also had tortillas and two cans of black beans in the pantry. This was going to be a breeze!

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Curry Cafe: It’s Thali Time and everybody’s happy!

H's dinner

Wednesday was exhausting – work, appointments and parent-teacher-student meetings. It was only 6.30 pm, but we were all exhausted, we hadn’t made it home – we needed food and we needed it fast.

We all (yes all 4 of us!) agreed to meet up at Curry Cafe in High Street, Northcote (or Westgarth to Westgarthians) and happily, we lucked out – it was Thali time!

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Loving Hut Northcote: Pictures of half-eaten meals

Fried 'chicken' balls

A note before I start: I’m back and feeling almost normal! Thanks so much for all the get well messages. Of course, I wasn’t on the computer to read them until today, but it was a lovely surprise to come back and see that someone had noticed I wasn’t here. 🙂 I was writing blog posts in my head while I was lying around last week, even though I couldn’t write them down. So here’s the first…

You know what (for me) is the hardest part of being a vegan blogger? It’s not thinking of topics for posts. It’s not even writing the posts (although that can sometimes be tricky). The hardest part for me is to remember to take pictures of a meal BEFORE I dig in and make a mess of the dish! Our visit to the new Northcote Loving Hut a couple of weeks ago was a prime example.

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