Sunday roast nostalgia

Sunday. Early 70s. Dad, Mr Jackson and Mr Browne are sitting in our lounge room (or perhaps in one of theirs – they took it in turns each week), drinking Courage Draft beer and talking all morning. Mr Jackson and Mr Browne smoke constantly, and all the doors are closed, so that by lunchtime it’s hard to see any of them through the haze.

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Where to eat with omnivores

Open House Melbourne programOpen House Melbourne is on this weekend and learning our lesson from previous years, we decided to choose only a couple of venues, rather than trying to see everything and becoming tired and emotional!

At 8.15 am we queued up at the beautiful Block Arcade in Collins Street for tickets for a guided tour of the upstairs levels. It was just fascinating, with stairs and passageways, outside walkways, a funny little phone box and beautiful leadlight windows and woodwork. And as usual, I forgot to take a picture! Doh! Then we went to the Capitol Theatre, only find that they are only open on Sunday. Doh again!

So we turned our thoughts to food. We’d planned to try Wagamama for lunch, after reading Veganopoulous’s recent post, but by lunch time we were right up at the other end of the city, so we decided to head out and try another place on our list—the Fox Hotel. Continue reading