Be Kind to Animals Week 2013

Bruschetta from Bruschetta Bar

Happy Be Kind to Animals Week! It’s been a big week in Melbourne. It made me very thankful that I have a very nice vegetarian (almost vegan) manager (hi KJ if you’re reading this! 🙂 ) who was happy for me to rearrange my week so I could get along to a couple of the events.

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Too much of a good thing

Simply Greens stirfry with tahini sauce.

After watching Super Size Me again recently, I had an idea. If Morgan Spurlock could end up that sick and unhealthy-looking after 30 days of eating bad food and not exercising, I wondered whether we could make a significant difference to our health and fitness if we did 30 days of healthy living…but ‘Fitness Month’ hasn’t got off to a very good start!

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