Smith & Daughters for our anniversary

Today was our 23rd wedding anniversary. Should we buy each other a ‘silver plated’ gift (supposedly the traditional gift for the 23rd anniversary)? Or should we just go somewhere nice to eat? I’m sure you can guess what we chose!

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Tramway Hotel’s new menu

Taiwanese Donut Sandwich

As I’ve mentioned before The Tramway Hotel is where I met my husband – 25 years ago this year – so it holds a special place in our hearts.

For the last few years the menu has been really good, with a couple of great vegan options, so I was just a little bit terrified when the management changed hands and very soon they were advertising their “New Menu”.

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Mum’s home!

Botanical Cuisine dessert, cheese and Vegan Teahouse brownie

Back in the real world

Well, that was a bigger blogging break than I was expecting to take! After Mum went into hospital, our time was totally absorbed with organising care and support for her – and in the midst of all that were my daughter’s year 12 formal and  exams.

Well, exams are over now, and we finally took Mum home last week, so I think I might be safe to poke my nose out and see what’s happening in the real world!

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