Vic Market vegie treats

Scrambled tofu and toastDoh! Once again I’ve cooked and eaten my delicious dinner without thinking to take a photo of it to share here. This blogging caper is harder than it looks!

LUCKILY I have a back up. I did take a photo of the delicious breakfast I ate at Queen Victoria Market this morning.

Invita, a café next to the Market’s organic produce section, just outside the Deli Hall, sells fantastic vegetarian food for breakfast, brunch and lunch. They aren’t totally vegan, but they have a good range of both vegetarian and vegan food, and quite a bit of gluten-free as well. They don’t actually call themselves vegetarian, but their tagline is “Living food”, so I think that’s a hint.

The breakfast menu includes pancakes, muesli, fruit bread…and my favourite…scrambled tofu.
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Let us rejoice: Mister Nice Guy is open today!

Dawg in a Blanket, Cinnamon Scroll and Koala Cupcake

Unfortunately, you can’t get the full effect of the Koalas sulky face in this picture.

We were up early for the ANZAC Day dawn service this morning. It’s always a bit exciting getting out of bed in the freezing blackness of a mid-Autumn morning, dragging on our thermals and digging out the gloves and beanies for the first time of the year.

It’s a hushed gathering of our local community near the hill, and the sun seems like it’s itching to rise before the service begins.

By the time we’ve listened and sung and laid our poppies on the memorial, we’re awake and ready for a big breakfast, but the Rotary ‘gunfire breakfast’ isn’t too vegan friendly, so we head home instead.

This year we were excited to find out that Mister Nice Guy was open for the public holiday.

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Black bean and quinoa soup

Quino and black bean soup, with a plate of corn chips and mashed avocado.

The photo doesn’t really do it justice. It was much brighter than this in real life. I really need to become a better photographer.

I’ve been making lots of yummy things lately, but I never seem to remember to take a photo of any of them before I stuff them into my mouth!

A recipe blog entry isn’t very interesting without a picture, so it’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe.

Well, tonight I re-made a Post Punk Kitchen recipe for Black Bean and Quinoa Soup, and managed to restrain myself long enough to get a photo before I gobbled it up.

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