Vegan fast food

Three quarters of a pizza in a cardboard pizza box.

Chilli bean pizza with potato and vegan cheese – yum! Oops, I was so hungry I started eating before I took a photo.

It’s been a really long week, and we’re all really tired and hungry. The cupboard is pretty much bare by the end of the week too, so it’s hard to think of anything to make for dinner. Time to take advantage of Mr Natural Vegetarian Pizza* delivery service!

We usually get takeaway once a week, when we’re REALLY tired, but since we stopped eating animal products, I’ve been thinking we’d have to give up takeaway pizza or settle for cheese-free. Then I Googled ‘vegan pizza Melbourne’ and found Mr Natural.

I hadn’t eaten Mr Natural Pizza since I lived in a Brunswick share house in the 80s, so I was rapt to see that they’re still going strong.

They have really satisfyingly crunchy and substantial, stone ground wholemeal flour bases, and their toppings are amazing. You can order online and make changes to the toppings, including swapping dairy cheese for vegan cheese. You pay online with a credit card and then, magically, about an hour later there is a friendly delivery person at your door with your dinner. It’s just too convenient and yummy to be true.

I think I’ll enjoy a glass of red while I wait for my pizza tonight—after all, I don’t have to drive.

*This is not an ad. I’m just a very happy customer!

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