Roll Lane at the National Postal Service

Just near my work is a funny little café. It’s really easy to miss, because it’s tucked into the National Postal Service bluestone building. It’s called Roll Lane.

If you’re in the area, and especially if you’re vegan, it’s worth tracking down, because they make some really delicious (and cheap) Vietnamese food. I love it because their vegan food is actually marked ‘vegan’, so there’s no guess work or 20 questions.

Bluestone building with National Postal Service sign

You’ll find it in the National Postal Service building.

Tofu satay skewers

My favourite dish is the tofu satay skewers. You can choose to have just the satay sticks and sauce, or to have them as a ‘meal’.

This is what you get with just the skewers – it’s a pretty decent little lunch for only $5.

Two satay sticks with peanut sauce

Only $5! Sorry, these food pictures are bad, even for me! Had to use the old iPod.

Satay skewers meal

The ‘meal’ has 2 tofu satay sticks with your choice of brown rice or quinoa, bok choy and of course, a nice big helping of satay sauce.

The satay meal with satay sticks, tomato, bok choy and brown rice

The full satay meal – fills me up so enough that I can’t be bothered cooking dinner when I get home.

I love the meal, but if I have it, I find I have no interest in cooking dinner later that night, so lately I’ve been trying to resist the rice and greens and just stick with the tofu.

And there are lots more vegan dishes

I haven’t tried all the vegan dishes yet, but I can recommend the King Oyster Mushroom and Tofu Co’m, and also the pretty, green spinach dumplings. I reckon I could eat a bucketful of them if I had the chance. But then dumplings are almost always like that for me.

As I’ve said on MANY occasions, I really appreciate it when cafes not only provide vegan food, but clearly label it as vegan…and I’m happy to show my appreciation by eating there a LOT!

Find Roll Lane

Roll Lane is at 585 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, just a short walk from Southern Cross Station.

They’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, from Monday to Friday, and for dinner on Saturday. It’s pretty tiny, so if you can’t get a table, you can always get takeaway.

Find a lot more details – and see a whole lot of MUCH better pictures of Roll Lane, and check out their menu, at Urban Spoon.  It appears that I’m not their only fan.

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