What I did with my free afternoon

Pasta with pesto, cauliflower and crumbed tofu

I felt a bit like a the naughty kid wagging school today. I’ve been working longer hours than usual while we finish off a big project. I turned up at work today (which is normally my day off), only to find that by midday there was nothing further I could do for the day. Colour me gone!

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Daiya and Please Like Me TONIGHT!

Pizza with a dog waiting for food to drop

It’s an exciting night for me!

ABC2 are showing all the episodes of the first season of Please Like Me back to back tonight, before the new season starts on Tuesday.

But that’s not all…I also managed to get hold of the second last packet of Daiya mozzarella at Mad Cowgirls  this morning.

And H has made a cake. Banana and chocolate with cream cheese icing.

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Pesto success!

Food processor bowl full of fresh basil leaves.

Bundoora Farmers’ Market was buzzing yesterday. The sun was out, there were tons of gorgeous, fresh fruit and vegies…not to mention delicious VEGAN potato dosas for breakfast.

I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about how I’m going to replace pesto in our diet, when we will no longer eat parmesan cheese. I’ve looked at lots of different recipes but had kept putting off trying them out because I was afraid we’d be disappointed (we do love our pesto).

When I saw a dish full of big, juicy bunches of basil at one of the market stalls, I knew my moment had come. We immediately grabbed 2 enormous bunches and headed home to experiment. Continue reading