Books and articles

I’ll be adding to this one gradually, as I have  ton of cookbooks, but here are few books for a start.

Some of the diet-related books aren’t actually vegan, but they do give interesting views on the diets we choose and their broader effects on ourselves and the rest of the world.

The first list is information. Scroll down for cookbooks.

*These are all good, but I’ve marked my ‘must-reads’ with an asterisk.

Animal rights issues and activism

The 100-mile diet, Alisa Smith and JB MacKinnon

Animal liberation, Peter Singer

Animal manifesto: Six reasons for expanding our compassion footprint, Marc Bekhoff

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, Barbara Kingsolver

*Bleating hearts: the world of hidden animal suffering, Mark Hawthorne
Just when I thought I’d heard everything – this book raised a whole lot more horrors about the way humans treat non-human animals. Please don’t read this when you are feeling despair!

*Change of heart: What psychology can teach us about spreading social change, Nick Cooney
This is a fascinating, evidence-based book shares everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the most effective ways to influence social change.

Costs and benefits of animal experiments, The, Andrew Knight

Eating animals, Jonathan Safran Foer

Ethics of what we eat, The, Peter Singer

Main Street vegan, Victoria Moran

Meatanomics: the bizarre economics of meat and dairy, David Robinson Simon (I haven’t finished reading this one yet. It’s with my son, and I’m waiting on his review.)

*Mind if I order the cheeseburger? And other questions people ask vegans, Prof. Sherry Colb
Calm, reasoned, evidence-based answers to the questions vegans are asked over and over again, from the eye-rollingly stupid, “What about plants?” to the understandable-until-you-know, “Why not just be vegetarian?”.

Living Vegan magazine

Loving animals: Toward a new animal advocacy, Kathy Rudy

Meatonomics, David Robinson Simon

Plant powered men, Kathy Divine

Striking at the roots: a practical guide to animal activism, Mark Hawthorne

Us and them: on the importance of animals, Anna Krien, Quarterly Essay, Issue 45, 2012

Vegan for her, Ginny Messina and JL Field

*Vegan for life, Ginny Messina
A nutritional bible for vegans. Ginny Messina answers all those questions that nag at you when you’re planning your vegan diet, and provides reliable information to help you answer all those ‘where do you get your protein’-type questions.

*Veganomics – Nick Cooney

*Why we love dogs, eat pigs and wear cows, Melanie Joy
A fascinating but easy read that explains how so many people have come to accept the everyday abuse of animals.


Gorilla food: Living and eating organic, vegan and raw, Aaron Ash

Eat vegetarian, Sam Stern

Cooking for your vegetarian kids, Roz Denny

Fired up: Vegetarian, Ross Dobson
Not vegan, but it does have a lot of ideas for vegan dishes for all those ‘big Aussie barbecues’ we’re faced with over summer.

Gorilla food, Aaron Ash – raw vegan recipes

Greenilicious – Leigh Drew

Grills gone vegan, Tamasin Noyse – this makes summer socialising a lot easier!

Happy Cow cookbook, Eric Brent & Glen Merzer (eds) – I don’t often cook from it, but it’s a great read, and would be good for holiday planning!

*Isa does it, Isa Chandra Moskowitz – I thought Veganomicon was good, until I got this one! Not just enormous and full of great recipes – it’s also a really beautiful book.

*Plant power, Nava Atalas

Salad love, David Bez – A salad for every working day. Not totally vegan, but most recipes have a vegan variation if they’re not already vegan.

Suzy Spoon’s vegetarian kitchen, Suzy Spoon – Not TOTALLY vegan, but it might as well be. This looks like a book where the publisher has said it would appeal to more people if it was vegetarian rather than vegan. It seems to have just a few token dairy products in a couple of recipes.

Great vegan bean book, The, Kathy Hester

Vegan chocolate, Fran Costigan

Vegan family meals: real food for everyone, Ann Gentry

Vegan finger foods, Celine Steen & Tamasin Noyes – need to ‘bring a plate’? Get this book.

Vegan table, The, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Veganissimo, Leigh Drew

*Veganomicon, Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero
This is like one of those old-fashioned, classic cookbooks that covers everything you want to know about cooking, but with a vegan twist. It includes everything from setting up your pantry and steaming a vegetable to family favourites, decadent dessert recipes and menu plans for vegan dinner parties. My eggplant haters will even eat the moussaka from this book!

Veggie burgers every which way, Lukas Volger

Wrapped in pastry, Leigh Drew – This little book is a gem. Lots of ideas for food to share.

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