Lorne: vegan food for a sore jaw

Chickpea patty and salad

Every year we go away in early January, and every year it’s freezing cold. This year, we thought we’d be very clever and organise a short break at the end of January instead. After all, everyone knows the hottest weather happens just as the kids go back to school! So we’ve just come back from 3 days in Lorne and…it was just as cold as our early January holidays!

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TV Tuesday: the perfect burger

Vegan MoFo 2013 banner image

The problem with Vegan MoFo is that I’m so busy trying to find time to blog that I haven’t had time to read all the blogs I normally follow. I’m missing out on a whole lot of cool stuff!

Anyway, I’ve noticed that the Vegan MoFo Tuesday theme is ‘TV Tuesday’, and it got me thinking—Homer Simpson’s rotting, giant sandwich on the Simpsons? Jimmy’s pop-up taqueria on Offspring? Then finally it hit me…the episode of How I Met Your Mother,  when Marshall is hunting for the perfect hamburger that he ate years earlier and had never been able to match.

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