Wisdom teeth and a heatwave

Spaghetti with tempeh meatballs

Last week, temperatures in Melbourne crept up 44° Celsius (about 111°F for those who measure temperature in Fahrenheit) during a heatwave that lasted for 4 days, but seemed much longer!

It’s always tricky to cook and eat when your head is foggy, you’re dripping with sweat and can barely move, but we had further complications – H, my 17-year-old daughter, had mouth surgery, including wisdom teeth extractions, so anything crunchy was definitely out.

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Green Press: lunch and a good book

Green smoothie, Ginny Bar and a good book

When it comes to my work day lunches, I sometimes find it a bit of a challenge to think of something to eat. It’s fine if I’ve brought my own – usually leftovers from the night before – but if I have to buy my lunch, my choices are a bit limited.

Over the last few months I’ve been a little bit excited about some new cafes that have opened up nearby – but never quite as excited as when a new juice/smoothie/salad café opened its doors recently.

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Cafes near work and my breakfast

carrot, celery, apple, ginger and beetroot juice from Kinfolk cafe.

Vegan MoFo 2013 banner image

I stop for a brief blogging breather and next thing I  know 4 days have gone by since my last post! I can’t let Vegan MoFo beat me, after all it’s almost over (just like the AFL footy season). I have a folder of half written posts, so rather than finish each one, I’m going to mash them all together into one post about what I’ve eaten lately.

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Canberra: full of surprises!

Two green smoothies in takeaway cups

Green smoothies from Sweet Bones Bakery

When I asked my 16-year-old daughter where she’d like to go for our short mid-winter break, I had visions of sunning myself in Broome or Far North Queensland—but as usual, she surprised me with “Somewhere really cold. Hobart, Canberra or Kangaroo Island!”. It was only the two of us going this time, so we did some Googling and, tempted by the range of vegan options in our national capital, we settled on a 3-day break in Canberra.

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