Preparing for my first vegan Christmas

beet burgers cooking

I’m just gearing up for my first Christmas as a vegan. This will be interesting! I’ve had about 20 years of family get-togethers as a vegetarian, but that meant that all of the cheesy and eggy alternatives were available. This time I’m going to have to be a bit more inventive when I choose my contribution – after all, I’m representing vegan food…and the animals are depending on me to show everyone else that it’s REALLY good!

Cute pig in grass, looking at the camera.

Wilbur says, “Don’t mess it up!”

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TV Tuesday: the perfect burger

Vegan MoFo 2013 banner image

The problem with Vegan MoFo is that I’m so busy trying to find time to blog that I haven’t had time to read all the blogs I normally follow. I’m missing out on a whole lot of cool stuff!

Anyway, I’ve noticed that the Vegan MoFo Tuesday theme is ‘TV Tuesday’, and it got me thinking—Homer Simpson’s rotting, giant sandwich on the Simpsons? Jimmy’s pop-up taqueria on Offspring? Then finally it hit me…the episode of How I Met Your Mother,  when Marshall is hunting for the perfect hamburger that he ate years earlier and had never been able to match.

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