San Churro: churros still vegan…for now

Are San Churro churros still vegan? I’ve heard rumours that they aren’t – that they and the hot chocolate contain eggs! Yikes! I had to check that out.

I’d been so excited when I heard San Churro had a lot of vegan options, so I was horrified at the thought that I might have been eating eggs without knowing it.

I hadn’t noticed the dietary requirements list on the counter last time I visited. I wondered whether they might have changed their ingredients since the last time I checked.

I emailed and contacted them via their web form, and was concerned when I didn’t hear anything, so I ended up ringing one of the stores. They finally got back to me 8 days later. So here’s the news.

The good news is…

The good news is that they confirmed that these are still the vegan options:

  • Churros with dark chocolate dipping sauce
  • Dark couverture hot chocolate made with soy
  • Classic Spanish hot chocolate made with soy
  • Fruit fondue for two with dark chocolate
  • Mango sorbet
  • Choc chip coconut sorbet.

Email response from San Churro 18 August 2015

And now for the bad news…

From 14 September 2015 their churros will “be cooked in the same oil as a product containing egg, so cross contamination is likely”. Doh! Doh! Doh!

I’m grateful that the people at San Churro really seem to know what vegan means, and have answered honestly (I’ve heard of some places that will lie about animal products in their food, just to make a sale), but it’s still very disappointing.

So if you want to eat San Churro churros, get in before 14 September…or don’t, if you don’t want to support them. I guess it depends how you feel about cross-contamination.
My last post about San Churro from September 2013.





4 thoughts on “San Churro: churros still vegan…for now

  1. oh my gosh WHY? WHY??? It really bugs me when businesses do this– it just rules out not only those of us who are plant based (and happy to spend our money there!) but also those with egg allergy. With people trying to make the effort to be allergy-friendly, this is a step backwards. I’m really disappointed. Thanks for writing this!

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