TV Tuesday: the perfect burger

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The problem with Vegan MoFo is that I’m so busy trying to find time to blog that I haven’t had time to read all the blogs I normally follow. I’m missing out on a whole lot of cool stuff!

Anyway, I’ve noticed that the Vegan MoFo Tuesday theme is ‘TV Tuesday’, and it got me thinking—Homer Simpson’s rotting, giant sandwich on the Simpsons? Jimmy’s pop-up taqueria on Offspring? Then finally it hit me…the episode of How I Met Your Mother,  when Marshall is hunting for the perfect hamburger that he ate years earlier and had never been able to match.

Apollo Bay circa 1988

Back in the 1980s, (before I was even vegetarian let alone vegan), my brother (who was vegetarian) and I had a short holiday in Apollo Bay, my favourite beach town in Victoria. It was winter, my favourite time at the beach (I also prefer the snowfields in summer), and we did a lot of sitting in groovy cafes and eating great food. It was there that I had the BEST LENTIL BURGER OF MY LIFE…and just like Marshall, I’ve never found one as good again.

The best lentil burger I’ve ever tasted

It was in a little hippy café opposite the beach. It was a red lentil patty—not too soft, but not too solid, but just right. It was coated with some kind of crunchy crumb mixture, I can remember alfalfa sprouts, grated carrot, shredded lettuce, and a thick layer of hummous (which seemed pretty exotic back then). And it was all encased in a toasted, grainy bun.

My challenge

I’ve tried lots of different lentil and vegie burgers over the years, but none has ever tasted as good. So, my Vegan MoFo challenge for TV Tuesdays will be…to try to recreate that burger.

…but not quite yet

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to try to recreate it tonight—come on, I only just thought of it this afternoon!

Instead we tried a new (to us) brand of vegie burger that I can recommend—Larder Fresh burgers. We tried the roast pumpkin & chickpea burger and the roast carrot, kale and chickpea burger. They were really good for packaged burgers, and quite similar, but I think I preferred the carrot, kale and chickpea burger, it seemed to be slightly spicier.

LarderFresh burgers

Sadly, I didn’t have alfala or lettuce or a grainy bun to toast. Instead, we had them on a plate with chips, steamed broccoli and roasted carrots, which didn’t look at all attractive, hence, no picture.

I did however take a picture of the packaging, just so you know them if you see them at the shop and want to try them out.

Here’s another one we tried a while back, Syndian Adzuki & Kumera Burger. They were pretty good too, but a little more solid than I like. They were from the freezer section of one of my local organic food shops.

Syndian Adzuki & Kumera burger packet frypan_web

And one more before I have to get to bed! This is one of our very favourites—but totally different to my red lentil burger. It’s Bryanna’s Vegan “Fish Cakes”  from Bryanna Clark Grogan. These are an almost fishy (because of the texture and kelp powder/dulse flakes), crunchy, delicious patty. Highly recommended!

Bryanna's vegan fish cakes in a frying pan

Now I really have to go and check out some of those other Vegan MoFo blogs before I fall asleep! Goodnight.

7 thoughts on “TV Tuesday: the perfect burger

  1. Oh I haven’t seen the Larder Fresh burgers before. I have seen Syndian products, but not that particular variety. Your ‘fish’ cakes look delicious.
    I look forward to seeing your lentil burger creation.
    I know what you mean about not being able to keep up with other blogs. My reader is exploding with blog posts.

    • I haven’t tried any other Syndian products. i should probably give them a go. Maybe I’ll get some for BBQ season. Homemade ones are usually better anyway, aren’t they?

      • Yes, that’s true. I suppose it is handy to have some in the freezer for ’emergencies’. When I’m organised, I like to make a batch of nutty veggie burgers (Dreena Burton recipe) and freeze them, uncooked.
        I saw some Syndian burgers at my local supermarket last week, and I thought of you! I bought them. I hadn’t seen them before.
        Haven’t eaten them yet.

  2. it is hard keeping up with blogs during vegan mofo – and I am heading down apollo bay way next week because I need a holiday which means I will fall even further behind with reading – but love hearing about your burger nirvana – sometimes I revisit old recipes I loved and find my tastes have moved on and other times it is so good to try it again – wonder how you would find the burger today with all the other veg food you are now used to

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