Horrors of election night

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It’s not a happy day in Australia today—it’s election day and we are being forced to choose between two particularly uninspiring—and frankly, quite scary—major parties. The leader of one of these parties (and we’re pretty sure which one…shudder…) will become our new Prime Minister.

I don’t want to talk politics today though, I’d rather talk FOOD, because it’s Vegan MoFo, of course.

The polling booth

I walked to the local primary school to cast my vote this morning. Despite the dismal outcome expected, it was a lovely walk in the bright Spring sunshine. Blue sky, pink blossom, bees and butterflies—it was all happening.

Everyone was marching up the road to do their civic duty. I waved to neighbours and old friends I haven’t seen for years. That’s the great part of election day.

The festive atmosphere at the polling place made it seem like a good day. Unfortunately, the food stalls only offered a choice of :

  • Sausage in bread
  • Egg and bacon sandwich
  • Bacon sandwich.

As I was waiting in the queue, I heard a customer being asked, “Would you like some bacon on your sausage?” Arrgghhh!

I was just a bit excited to meet  Vegan Smythe at the entrance. He was handing out how-to-vote cards for the Animal Justice Party—I guess he would have gone hungry!

Tonight we’re sitting down to watch the election coverage, in the vain hope that someone with at least a smidgeon of compassion and integrity will at least be elected to the Senate.

Comfort food

To provide just a little comfort, I thought we needed something really yummy, but quick and easy, for dinner, while we ate in front of the telly (normally NOT ALLOWED – but this is a desperate situation!).

I had 6 left over lentil burgers (I’ll report on those on TV Tuesday) and decided to pair those with a salad based on the veganeasy.org Rainbow Salad , and potato and pumpkin baked in olive oil and dukkah.

Lentil burgers, baked potatoes and pumpkin and salad

It’s been so long since I made this salad that I’d forgotten just how delicious the dressing is!

Rainbow salad

Try this dressing!

Seriously, this dressing is so good that after I’d mixed it up and transferred it to the serving dish, I found myself licking the bowl as enthusiastically as if it was chocolate cake mix. I really recommend it. It’s an earthy, satisfying combination of hummous, sesame oil (I LOVE sesame oil), horseradish and mustard.

Ingredients of the salad dressing: mustard, hummous, horseradish and sesame oil

Numbing the pain

And, though I’m not normally much of a drinker these days, we got in some stubbies of Coopers Sparkling Ale (and a large block of dark chocolate) to numb the pain.

Coopers sparkling ale

Horror movie

And when it all turns bad, and we can watch no longer, we have borrowed the original version of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Apparently, it has obvious animal rights messages, so we’ve wanted to TRY to watch it. Tonight seems like a good night to do it.

Good news

A little good news, at least. Not only does it look like the lovely Adam Bandt will be staying, it also looks like Andrew Wilkie will retain his seat. Here he is speaking about live export earlier this year.

16 thoughts on “Horrors of election night

  1. Ehhhhh on politics! I think I saw couple of tweets relating to Election Day in Australia, today! That dressing looks so yummy with the Asian sesame oil (I ❤ it) Thanks for sharing your dish! Have a great weekend….and hopefully the election day passes quickly!

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  3. Haha, I’m working on an election post right now. Argh, ridiculous isn’t it? This campaign period has been an absolute circus. We stayed up til after midnight and watched the concession and acceptance speeches. I was at a loss yesterday. So many uninspiring candidates. At least your dinner looked delicious! Mmm, love the look of that dressing xx

    • You did well. I just couldn’t face the speeches, so we watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre…very unpleasant to say the least (the movie) 🙂 i’d never seen it before, but there were definitely lots of animal cruelty messages in there.

  4. I recently had a salad that consisted of a big wedge of butter lettuce with a yoghurt dressing which was very good but in my attempts to wean myself off dairy foods 😊 I have been looking for something creamy and delicious to take its place. This could be just the thing if it beat chocolate cake mix 👍

  5. have bookmarked this salad – sounds cheering on a grim night – I love the community atmosphere of election day but there really was lack of any leadership to admire in the main candidates

  6. I’m lucky because our polling place had no food, so I didn’t have to smell or see meat cooking while I voted!

    I love the look of your dinner, the lentil burgers and dressing look yummo!

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