Be Kind to Animals Week 2013

Happy Be Kind to Animals Week! It’s been a big week in Melbourne. It made me very thankful that I have a very nice vegetarian (almost vegan) manager (hi KJ if you’re reading this! 🙂 ) who was happy for me to rearrange my week so I could get along to a couple of the events.

Remembering the animals

Early in the week Animal Liberation Victoria held an event to remember the animals whose lives are taken by humans.   It was a very emotional event with volunteers holding the bodies of some of the animals. It was reported that children were distraught, but I saw several children and most were just fascinated. It was mostly just really sad to think that all those animals were really just representative of the billions of animals killed by humans each year.


World Animal Day

Then last Friday Edgar’s Mission held a big event (also at Federation Square) to celebrate animals. Lots of organisations and causes were represented, including Oscar’s Law, Humane Research Australia, Jane Goodall Institute Australia, Edgar’s Mission, Animal Liberation Victoria, Soi Dog Foundation, and lots more (I wish I’d written them all down!).

Bruschetta Bar

There was good food to sample. Chocolate, vegan sausages and pies, coconut ice cream and, our favourite, bruschetta from Bruschetta Bar (in their fancy new trailer!)

Bruschetta Bar's fancy new trailer

H LOVES bruschetta…in fact, she’d even prefer it to chocolate! She’s very fussy about it, and she thoroughly approves of Bruschetta Bar bruschetta. It’s simple, fresh and delicious with just the right amount of balsamic vinegar.

Bruschetta from Bruschetta Bar

Vegan Smythe

In the evening there was another event—An Evening of Kindness. We were treated to music, including Vegan Smythe  who sang his new song, I Will Be Their Voice, in public for the first time.

Vegan Smythe singing

Vegan Smythe

The speakers, Phillip Wollen, Peter Siddle, Moira Rayner and Pam Ahern were interesting and inspirational.

Peter Siddle

Peter Siddle spoke about how he started as a young meat-eating bloke from country Victoria, and after meeting his girlfriend, Anna, became aware of the plight of animals, and eventually became vegetarian…and now vegan.  Despite the initial doubts of those around him, he said it has had a really positive effect on his endurance and recovery, and his game (he’s a cricketer) has never been better.

Peter Siddle

Peter Siddle

Moira Rayner

Victoria’s last Equal Opportunity Commissioner, Moira Rayner, spoke about our obligation to speak up for, and protect animals, because they can’t do so for themselves. She spoke about the possibility that legal precedents might be used to make this a legal, rather than just moral, obligation.

Moira Rayner

Moira Rayner

Pam Ahern and Kyle Behrend have a new book!

Pam Ahern, of course, spoke about her work with animals through Edgar’s Mission, and her new book, The gift of kindness    was launched by the host, Phil Kafcaloudes from the ABC. The book also features the beautiful photography of Kyle Behrend.

It was an eventful week, and great to get the chance to taste some good food and meet lots of other people who care about animals. If only Be Kind to Animals Week happened more often!

Here’s Vegan Smythe singing his new song.

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