Sea Shepherd: Real-life superheroes

SSS Steve IrwinHappy International Respect for Chickens Day…Happy International Star Wars Day (May the 4th Be With You) and happy birthday to me!

I got to do whatever I wanted today, so after a trip to the farmers’ market (with potato and lentil dosas for breakfast), we set off to visit the 3 Sea Shepherd ships docked at Seaworks in Williamstown—the Steve Irwin, Bob Barker and Sam Simon.

What an inspiration they are—the ships and the crew.

The ships are awe inspiring with their terrifying paintwork. The crew are a fit, capable, energetic group of young people, committed to protecting the whales in the Southern Ocean, and generally standing up for what’s good and right. They fill me with hope in a world full of crap and cruelty.

They’ve had a tough year , but even so, they managed to have their most successful season ever—saving an estimated 932 whales from slaughter.

Grey Sea Shepherd hoodieUnfortunately, with a US appeals court judge labelling them ‘pirates’, they are now no longer able to receive donations from US citizens—resulting in a loss of about 50% of their funding—right at a time when they’re trying to repair those ships.

If they can’t get them fixed, they’ll go back down to those freezing Antarctic waters next season anyway, because if they don’t, nobody else will. There are certainly no Australian Navy ships down there protecting the whales in our Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

Sea Shepherd is entirely funded by donations, so they need our support. Find out how you can support them.

Birthday cupcake

Mr Nice Guy happy birthday cupcakeOf course, we made a donation—and bought the hoodie (it IS my birthday!), then headed home via Mr Nice Guy, where I was lucky enough to snap up the last ‘Birthday Cupcake’ in the fridge, so it was a great day all round!

If you’re in Melbourne, get down and visit our Sea Shepherd superheroes.

Respect for chickens

And for the chickens: watch the story of the Turlock chicken rescue in California last year.

2 thoughts on “Sea Shepherd: Real-life superheroes

  1. Happy Birthday! What a great way to spend your birthday. Wow, I didn’t know that Sea Shepherd could no longer receive US donations. That is absurd and clearly will have a massive impact on their operations.
    I love your hoodie. My sister recently bought one from a SS stall when she was visiting Byron Bay for the Blues festival.
    I’m glad you got a yummy cupcake!

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