Munsterhaus: I’ve been missing out!

I’m starting to think I’m a bit slow. I’ve heard lots of people rave about Munsterhaus over the years, but I had no idea it was all vegetarian − and almost all vegan!

How did this lovely place, so close to home, escape my attention for all these years?

H and I were on our way home last week, absolutely starving, and we decided to drop in to Munsterhaus to see what it was all about. What a gorgeous place!

It was a cold, drizzly day, but the huge windows of the corner shop make the whole place bright and airy.

It’s got a lovely laid back atmosphere, with great music and a huge selection of food that would have had me jumping and clapping with excitement if the place hadn’t been so calm and relaxed.

Pick a bowl and fill it

It’s very simple. Choose your bowl size and then choose what you’d like to fill it with.

There are hot dishes – like lentil stew, pizza, roast vegies −  and salads including kale, quinoa and spinach.

Almost all the dishes were vegan, apart from cheese on the pizza and feta in one of the salads.

Once your bowl is filled, select a sauce or dip to plop on top and, if you want them, there are other toppings like pickles and olives.

Our filled bowls on the bench in the Munsterhaus window.

We sat at the bench in the window, warm and satisfied while we watched the cars jamming up St George’s Road on the cold, wet afternoon.

They have Mister Nice Guy cupcakes too!

I would have loved one of their desserts – they even stock Mister Nice Guy cupcakes – but we thought it was best to leave that for our next visit.

The food was that earthy, satisfying kind of food that makes you feel good and healthy afterwards. It even inspired me to cook up a lentil stew for dinner a few days later. I think it’s going to be a winter favourite this year.

Bring cash

Munsterhaus is a cash-only café, so be prepared. Our small bowls (the size of a standard cereal bowl) were $12 each, which I think was great value, because they really heaped the food on.

Munsterhaus - external

View from outside – but not far enough to get a good view I’m afraid, because it was raining.


Find Munsterhaus

371 St George’s Road, North Fitzroy.

Tram: Catch no. 112. Hop off at the corner of Holden Street and St Georges Road (Stop 24).

Bus: 250 and 251 buses run along Holden Street. Hop off at the corner of St George’s Road, and it’s just a short walk, one block north.

Like Munsterhaus on Facebook…actually I haven’t even done that myself yet!

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