Cafes near work and my breakfast

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I stop for a brief blogging breather and next thing I  know 4 days have gone by since my last post! I can’t let Vegan MoFo beat me, after all it’s almost over (just like the AFL footy season). I have a folder of half written posts, so rather than finish each one, I’m going to mash them all together into one post about what I’ve eaten lately.

Purple peanuts

Until last year, I worked just outside the Melbourne CBD. It was a bit frustrating, because there weren’t very many places to eat if I didn’t take my lunch to work. Now I work right in the city of Melbourne and there are so many places nearby, I haven’t even tried them all yet!

One reason I haven’t tried them all is that I get stuck on a few favourites. One of those is Purple Peanuts in Collins Street. It’s a Japanese cafe, but unlike most of the Japanese cafes around, they don’t sell sushi and California rolls, they sell vegie burgers, onigiri, and my favourite, the vegie salad (below). It’s a perfect mixture of soba noodles, tofu, avocado, salad greens and an addictive, hot sauce. The lunchtime queues are ridiculous, but they get through the orders fairly quickly, and the wait is worth it!

Purple Peanuts' vegie salad


Just down the road from my office is Kinfolk. It’s one of those very groovy social enterprise cafes where all the staff are volunteers and they raise money for development projects (decided by the number of customers who drop a coffee bean in a range of jars—I’m sure you’ve seen them before).  It’s such a cosy, buzzing cafe, and again the queues are crazy, but it’s worth it.

They don’t usually have much in the way of vegan food, but I often pick up a soy chai on my way to work. (Yes, I’ve seen the talk on Twitter about soy chai being a daggy drink for old people, but I like theirs! Oh wait, that’s probably because I’m old and daggy anyway. :-))

When I went there for a meeting recently, they had a special juice on the menu: carrot, celery, apple, ginger and beetroot (if I remember correctly). FINALLY I got a juice in a jar! I see them in pictures all the time, but I’ve never actually had one before. I was very excited. 🙂 If someone had told me this was raspberry cordial, I would have believed them–but it was good…and pretty.

carrot, celery, apple, ginger and beetroot juice from Kinfolk cafe.

Green smoothie

Speaking of pretty drinks, I’d like to post this picture of my green breakfast smoothie from last week. It’s the same kind as the one I made in the Vine video I posted recently.  It just looked so pretty in this glass, I had to take a photo. It’s based on a smoothie we had at Sweet Bones Bakery in Canberra, and is made from silverbeet, banana, apple juice and flaxseed oil.

Green smoothie

Pizza by Nature

Finally, I wanted to post this morning’s breakfast from Queen Victoria Market. I was very excited because I realised that Pizza by Nature make a vegan pizza! They were one of my favourites for breakfast when I was vegetarian, but I’ve avoided them since I’ve been vegan because they seemed to have cheese on everything. This morning I asked if they could make me a special pizza without cheese, and I was told they already have a vegan pizza. It was made on a very crispy gluten-free, pumpkin pizza base, and was topped with mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, spinach and cauliflower.  The small pizza is just the right size for a substantial breakfast. I’ll definitely be having that one again.

Pizza on gluten-free pumpkin pizza base.

Grand Final lunch at work

Yesterday was the AFL Grand Final celebration lunch at work. As I mentioned the other day, I had planned to do a little bit of vegan promotion by making vegan sausage rolls to share. Well, things didn’t quite go as planned. First I found out that there would be no way of heating them up (they were buying the meat sausage rolls hot from the local bakery), second, I realised I didn’t have enough pecans or walnuts. That would have been fine if my husband and son hadn’t been out in the cars, so I would have had to walk to the shop. And walking would have been fine too if it hadn’t been a RIDICULOUSLY WINDY and cold day in Melbourne.

I decided to stay indoors and substitute macadamia nuts and peanuts. I figured that if I crushed them fairly finely they would be OK. They weren’t. It would have been fine if they weren’t masquerading as sausage rolls for meat eaters, but they were just too crunchy.  So I ate my crunchy sausage rolls, heated in the microwave and then toasted in the sandwich press. (Too hot on the inside and too burnt on the outside). I figured that they weren’t going to promote veganism in a positive light, so I kept them to myself.

Sound of Music footy meme

4 thoughts on “Cafes near work and my breakfast

  1. Awesome find and cute cafe name – Purple Peanuts?! The soba noodles, tofu & avocado salad looks refreshing and lovely! That vegan pizza looks so good, I like the idea of using pumpkin pizza base – ah that even looks so much better than my pizza I’ve posted on my blog!

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