Easter eggs

Chocolate Easter egg in box.Very pleased to find this little beauty at Leo’s supermarket the other day!

It’s a Fairtrade vegan Easter egg from Chocolatier. I know it’s early, but I thought I’d better grab a few of these while they were there—I suspect they won’t last very long.

I must admit, I thought I’d have to search a bit further afield than my regular supermarket to find something we’d eat this year, so this was a really great surprise. We’ll probably need more chocolate than this to get our fix though.

What are the other Easter vegan options?

I’m thinking of getting some extra treats from Wildcrafted in Brunswick. They make a really yummy little egg-shaped peppermint chocolate with a date in the middle. They’re all fresh and raw though, so I’d better leave it until quite a bit closer to Easter to get those.

I see that Cadbury is doing a Fairtrade Easter egg this year too, which is great…but it’s made of milk chocolate, so it doesn’t work for dairy free diets.

Tribes & Nations (who I hadn’t heard of before today) are an online Fairtrade shop offering 3 different Fairtrade eggs. I can’t vouch for their vegan-ness, because the ingredients aren’t listed, but there is a dark chocolate option, so it looks promising.

The list

Fairtrade Australia New Zealand have a list of Fairtrade Easter eggs (including the ones mentioned above). Again, the ingredients aren’t mentioned so they may contain dairy products—but they have a pretty good range, so there should be something suitable.

So, it looks like there’s a fair chance we’re all going to be able to get our Easter chocolate fix without too much trouble! 🙂

Postscript: my daughter has pointed out that a celebration where a rabbit has to drag a pile of eggs around to a whole lot of greedy humans is probably not something vegans should be celebrating…part of me thinks she may be right, but I’m not giving up my right to my annual chocolate feast! And I’m sure she wouldn’t either…


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