‘Healthy Month’ takes its first casualty

‘Healthy Month’ or ‘Fitness Month’ (or whatever I’m calling it) has been a mixed success so far. We’ve had one kitchen appliance hit the dust, and a little bit of unhealthy food, but generally, it’s going well.

Some guidelines are harder to stick to than others!

We’ve had no trouble sticking to the drinking guidelines, mental health guidelines, or even the serving size guidelines (since my blow-out at the Vegie Bar last week).

Since I’ve only just learned to swim ‘properly’ (well, it’s really a work in progress, but it’s ‘properly’ as far as I’m concerned) I’ve been full of enthusiasm for the exercise guidelines too. I’ve been swimming every day or two, and going for long walks or to the gym on the other days. The hardest part for me, as a sweet tooth, is resisting all the delicious sweet foods I’m offered.

Here’s what I’m pretty sure is a kingfisher that we saw down near Dight’s Falls on one of our walks. It looks like a kookaburra in the picture, but it was blue (although I thought kingfishers had longer tails…must Google them).


The first casualty

Last Tuesday it was my turn to chair our team meeting at work. The meeting  is usually pretty long, so the chair person usually tries to do something that will cheer everyone up. There was no time for games this week (thank goodness!), so I thought I’d provide some yummy food. Not wanting to be too unhealthy, I tossed around a few ideas. A plate of fruit? I could just see their eyes rolling when The Vegan provided fruit. I also have a bit of a fructose issue myself, so I can’t eat a lot of fruit anyway. I ended up deciding on some date, almond and cocoa balls and found a recipe on The Renegade Kitchen.

I was mixing up the dates and almonds when I heard an almighty crack and looked down to see that the side of the food processor had totally blown out, and my delicious mixture was on the floor. So that was the end of that plan.


The replacement

It had had a tiny crack at the top of the bowl (I suspect somebody might have dropped it), but as I’d never been very happy with it, I was looking forward to having an excuse to replace it with something better. Unfortunately, when I checked the Choice magazine reviews, this was one of the “excellent” performers, so I settled with just replacing the bowl.

It’s a Breville Kitchen Wizz that I’ve only had since late last year. I had an earlier model of the Kitchen Wizz (bought 2nd hand from my sister in 1989) for a long time, and it worked perfectly till the motor died 23 years later. The main difference I’ve noticed is that this one doesn’t even make proper breadcrumbs, while the old one made them quickly and perfectly, out of any kind of bread.  Anyway, enough about that.

I ended up buying chocolate and Oreo’s for the meeting and they went down a treat—but I ate too many.

Something healthier

I bought some glorious asparagus from the market on Saturday and made the mistake of thinking I’d do something with it other than just cook and eat it.

I found a recipe in Veganomicon for Asparagus Quiche with Tomatoes and Tarragon. I loved the recipe, because instead of trying to reproduce the egg filling (that never seems to work), it uses a filling made from beans and walnuts. As usual, I was missing some ingredients, so I substituted. Navy beans became borlotti beans, tarragon became a mixture of basil and oregano, beefsteak tomatoes became cherry tomatoes. So, it ended up being an entirely different quiche/pie.

I was a bit disappointed that I’d smothered my beautiful asparagus in the pie, but it was really good. The family all loved it, and it was pretty easy to make using frozen pastry. I served it with a salad that included purple cabbage. (B is easy to please—give him purple cabbage and pastry and he thinks it’s better than Christmas!)


Progress so far

Well, my weight hasn’t changed at all, but we’re definitely feeling healthier and fitter. I swam 22 lengths of the pool last night without feeling dizzy or too puffed, which is a huge achievement for me. The exercise is becoming part of our daily routine (which is what I was hoping for). Now to see if I can continue to resist H’s baked goods for the rest of the month…there is a chocolate cake on the kitchen bench that has been taunting me all day!

Sacred Kingfisher

Just Googled, and it seems that it was one of the Sacred Kingfishers that was enticed back to the Merri Creek years ago!

I remember going to the Sacred Kingfisher Festival at CERES when our kids were tiny. I just found this video* from the 2000 Kingfisher Festival online. We were there in the evening (around 10  mins into the video — not us, the evening) when everyone was lighting candles and floating them in the billabong. There were people sitting in trees playing flutes and dressed up in fantastic costumes. It was all a bit magical at the time.

The Festival is coming up on 26 October. What a coincidence! I think I’ll have to save the date.
Find out more about Return of the Sacred Kingfisher Festival 2013.

*The video embedded when I wrote the post, but doesn’t show up in the front end! I’ve added the link instead.

9 thoughts on “‘Healthy Month’ takes its first casualty

  1. Good on you! Every month I try something similar and every month I fail. I’m already eating the treats that were bought in anticipation of Halloween. You’re doing great! And that quiche? Wow. Gonna try that soon.

    • Well, I had a slight hiccup when my daughter made chocolate brownies…but I only ate ONE, which took a great deal of willpower. Luckily she has exams soon, so she wont have time to bake for a while!

  2. I’m not a huge fan of swimming, but I can swim partially. I really have to improve my swimming eventually, and it’s a great workout, too. Nice shot of the kingfisher, it looks proud and lovely! I’m sorry to hear about your broken food processor – that’s horrid – and that’s good the bowl is replaceable! I love some quiche…:)

    • Sorry I’ve taken so long to reply, I’ve had a bit of a break from blogging…but I hadn’t realised how long! I’m really enjoying my swimming lessons – you should give them a go. As for the food processor, the bowl was replaced and it worked for about 2 weeks before breaking down altogether, so I bought myself a lovely new one today. 🙂

  3. yay for swimming lots – I have finally got sylvia settled enough in her swimming lessons that I can go off and swim a few laps while she learns – I love it

    sorry to hear about your blender – I think mine has a few cracks that I am just ignoring but I always worry one day they will return to haunt me

    the quiche looks yummy but I took love asparagus and have tried recipes to use it in different ways and always come back to eating it fairly plain as I love it that way – it is very nice chargrilled though and I love it lightly cooked and piled on risotto.

    And I would love to go to the kingfisher fest – probably wouldn’t have suited us this year but I hope to go one year – did you go?

    • One of my friends used to swim while our kids had their lessons. She’d only just learnt too (got lessons for her birthday), and she is really the inspiration for my lessons now – it just took me a while.

      We didn’t end up going to the Kingfisher Festival or to WEEAC at CERES last week. There seems to be too much on at this time of year!

      Risotto was a good idea – now we’re having asparagus and pea risotto for dinner tonight, thanks to you (and the big, fat, organic asparagus on special at the Vic Market this morning)! 🙂

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