I couldn’t give up my cheese

Calf nuzzling its mumMost vegan people I know, including myself, have been vegetarian before they became vegan. (OK, Marieke Hardy went cold-tofurkey from meat eater to vegan, which is pretty damned incredible) , but most of us begin by giving up eating flesh and continuing to consume milk and cheese and eggs, smug in the ‘knowledge’ that no animal has had to die for our meals. Ha!

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Vegans are taking over the world!

fish swimming in a restaurant tank

Fish in a tank at a Lonsdale Street restaurant.

Late in April, one of my workmates decided that she was going to have ‘Meat-free May’. Well, I tried not to look TOO over-excited, but you can imagine how rapt I was! Such a great idea—I think we should promote it widely. (She’s actually making every month a special month in 2013. I think someone suggested that she also set one aside for dating hot men, or something 🙂 ).

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I’m just tired of debating…

Scarecrow in wheat field.I suppose by now everyone has seen the article from the ABC’s Science Show, about how smug veg*ns “who don’t eat meat because they consider it cruel could cause more harm to animals than actual meat production does”.

We all know it’s a load of rubbish, but I suppose the ABC knew a patronising attack on veg*ns would be sure to get everyone commenting and arguing. I’m surprised that The Science Show would stoop to that kind of thing, though.

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If factory farms are hell…

Sheep at Edgar's MissionWe were lucky enough to visit Edgar’s Mission yesterday to see all the animals…oh, and pick up their poo!

Edgar’s Mission is a sanctuary farm, about an hour’s drive from Melbourne, where rescued animals can live out their lives free from fear and cruelty.

We decided that if factory farms are hell, then Edgar’s Mission must be heaven!

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Celebrity enlightenment

Just re-read the title of this article – don’t worry, it’s not about religion, it’s about a TV show!Cute pig in grass, looking at the camera.

There is a show called Can of Worms on Channel 10, where from what I can tell, they have a panel of 3 celebrities who give their opinions on ethical dilemmas. At least, that’s what’s happened in the 2 segments I’ve seen in the past.

When we heard that last week’s dilemma was going to be “To truly appreciate the meat we eat, should we all be expected to kill the animals that end up on our dinner plates?” we thought we’d better watch it. After all, if anyone we knew had seen it, they were likely to ask our opinion about it. We thought it was best to be prepared.

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Eating and behaviour change

Bright light bulb on red ceiling.Do you ever find it really strange how 2 people can watch a movie (or read a book or hear a story) about animal cruelty in food production, and each have totally different reactions? I do.

While one will immediately swear off all animal products, the other will say, “I wish I hadn’t seen that, it’s almost put me off my dinner”.

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