Tadka Boom! Surprise vegan

The wrap unwrapped showing vegetable and lentil filling

Have you ever been somewhere to buy your lunch in a place that you aren’t even sure would have anything you can eat… and there’s a vegan working there who steps forward like some kind of saviour, and knows exactly what you can eat?

It’s happened to me 3 wonderful times now, and one of those times was today, when I went to buy my lunch.
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My kids grew up!

Triple C cocktail from Smith & Daughters

This year we hit a bit of a milestone – our younger child turned 18, so now we have no ‘children’! We’re a house full of adults. H (our daughter) was counting the days till her 18th birthday, but she didn’t have a party. This is how she chose to spend the day.
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Colonial Tramcar Restaurant has vegan food!

Vegie stack

A couple of months ago my mum’s older brother died. We travelled to the country for his funeral, and on the 2-hour drive home we chatted in the car about how we should get out together more often (preferably not at a funeral next time!).

So when Mum suddenly said, “I’d love to go on that restaurant tram at night, so I can see all the city lights!” the family machine kicked into motion, with the resulting back and forth emails about who could make it and when, what time sunset was, would they cater to vegetarians and vegans…you know the kind of thing.
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Grumpy despite the sunshine

Harrissa cake and ginger beer.

Vegan MOFO 2014

Winter went out with a bang in Melbourne, with bright blue skies and warm sunny days of up to 22 degrees (71.6º Fahrenheit)!

For some reason, yesterday’s warm sunshine didn’t make me feel overjoyed. Looking at the forecast, I could see we’d be back to 12º Celsius by the end of this first week of spring. As a result, the beautiful weather only made me feel edgy and restless and slightly panicked at the thought that I might not make the most of a glorious day, so I was itching to get out and about!

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Another family birthday

Triple layer chocolate and strawberry cake

At our place, at this time of the year, birthdays come in quick succession, and last week it was my husband, B’s, turn to celebrate.

Our daughter jumped at the chance to bake another of her special cakes – the more year 12 study she needs to do, the more cakes we’re eating! B and I also took the opportunity to have a night on the town.

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Cosy winter break in the Blue Mountains

What kind of fool visits the Blue Mountains in the middle of winter and doesn’t take gloves or a hat? A fool like me! We whisked our daughter away for a mid-VCE break and found ourselves shivering in icy winds. Luckily there were roaring open fires and lots of delicious food to keep us warm.
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