Mum’s in hospital, but Vegan MOFO must go on…

When your mum is rushed to hospital in an ambulance, normal life has to be put on hold for a while. So this will be a short post – my Vegan MOFO adventures in the hospital.

Vegan MOFO 2014

Last night

I was glad I’d had my dinner a moment before the alarm bells started ringing. It was only a bowl of See-in-the-dark soup, but it was more than my sister had eaten before our our 6 hour stint in the Emergency Department began.

See-in-the-dark soup

See-in-the-dark (carrot and red lentil) soup, from an earlier post

She felt too churned up to eat anything, but I scanned the vending machines for something in case she felt hungry later. I noticed that the only vegan option was a packet of plain chips (which may or may not have been vegan. I’ve heard that some of them now contain milk solids…but I’m too tired to track down the details now). Anyway, we settled on sharing a bottle of icy cold water that helped with our dehydration from the uncomfortably hot hospital.

Well after midnight, they decided to keep Mum and send us home. She must have been starving by then!


This morning I went back in to the hospital. Mum was still in Emergency, and we had a long wait ahead for a bed on a ward. At lunchtime my brother and I headed out to find food – he’d come straight from a night shift and was even hungrier than I was.

My lunch was good anyway

I peered around every food outlet and read the labels on each item. Finally I found what I think may have been the ONLY vegan item in the place – a tofu and hokkien noodle salad. I decided to give it a go, but wasn’t too excited about the prospect.

What a pleasant surprise I had. The tofu was pressed, chewy and well marinated. The hokkien noodles were satisfying, the flavourings were peppery and interesting, and there were a lot of colourful veggies mixed through.

Tofu and hokkien noodle salad with hot chocolate

This was surprisingly adequate. That might sound like a bad review, but it was way better than I thought I’d be eating from the hospital cafeteria.

Meanwhile my brother found (what he thought was) a vegetarian baked potato – it was filled with ham! (Bleaaghhhh!) I offered to share my salad, but he looked like he never wanted to eat again after that.

A sweet, steamy soy hot chocolate was my dessert, and we returned to Mum in Emergency well fed.

Afternoon tea

This afternoon, while Mum was finally settling herself on the ward, I stocked up on magazines and crossword puzzle books – and spotted  the Go Natural Raw Cacao FruitNut Activated Almonds Bars, and picked up 2 for our afternoon tea.

They were like my favourite Emma and Tom’s Life Bars , but were a little more moist. I thought they were a great sweet treat and energy boost, but my brother didn’t seem quite so taken with them.

Takeaway urgently required

I got home about 2 hours ago, so tired I can barely sit up straight – unlike Mum who was sitting up in her big chair, happy after a big dose of pain relief, even though she hasn’t slept since Sunday night! (OK, she did think she saw an ostrich in the ward at one stage, but her vision’s not good and my family has odd reactions to pain killers!)

B offered to cook, but he was tired too, so I sent him off to Curry Cafe  in Westgarth (again) for a selection of their vegan curries, rice and roti.

Selection of curries with rice and roti

Curry Cafe never disappoints and this was perfect comfort food.

He chose Saag Aloo (spinach curry – our favourite), a potato curry and a daal. Everything was vegan and delicious – as it always is. Perfect comfort food for a cold and worrying night. Now I just need to lie on the couch and catch up on last night’s episode of Please Like Me. Apparently it was a must-see.

Mum, by the way, is a bit cross about being in hospital, but seems to be enjoying the family reunion that’s resulted. Hopefully she’ll be well and home very soon.


12 thoughts on “Mum’s in hospital, but Vegan MOFO must go on…

  1. best get well wishes to your mum! I think that’s a great find in the hospital caf, I recently-ish visited two hospital cafs and there was not a vegan option in sight. I wish the vegetarian options would be vegan by default, surely it would save so much time with the “does it have dairy? Does it have egg?” questions that the staff probably have to answer over and over!

    • Thanks. Yeah, hospital food is always strange. They have so much greasy, fried stuff. Years ago I was a nurse, and the kitchen would serve kids hotdogs and chips for lunch – and so many of the kids had never eaten crappy food before…and they were SICK and in need of good nutrition…but there was no alternative unless they got a special diet from the diet kitchen!

  2. So happy to see the last line that your mum should be home soon – hospitals are grim places with so much waiting around – the food on offer really needs to be top notch because when you are hanging around there your need for comfort food is usually high – kudos for B for the lovely dinner – good luck with your mum

  3. Sorry to read about your mom, I wish her all the best. What a great trouper you are, still blogging with all this stress around you. You are a true superwoman….. 🙂

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