My kids grew up!

This year we hit a bit of a milestone – our younger child turned 18, so now we have no ‘children’! We’re a house full of adults. H (our daughter) was counting the days till her 18th birthday, but she didn’t have a party. This is how she chose to spend the day.
Vegan MOFO 2014
H turned 18 (legal drinking age in Australia) on a Sunday, which caused no end of whining and moaning. She’d waited sooooo long to be able to have a drink, and she couldn’t even go out to a pub on the Saturday night because she’d have to wait until midnight to be able to have a drink!

Because of my line of work my kids have been inundated with information about the effects of alcohol and drugs on the developing brain, and the illegality of adults supplying alcohol to their kids’ friends, so they hardly (if ever) drank alcohol until they were 18.

The compromise? Brunch at Smith and Daughters on Sunday morning, with their selection of breakfast cocktails.

Birthday brunch at Smith and Daughters

So her first drink (apart from a sangria during the Comedy Festival earlier this year) was a good one…a Triple C cocktail. The C’s stand for coffee, chocolate and coconut. I had one too, to get into the spirit (clever pun?), and it was excellent…and rather strong…or maybe it was just that it was 10am!

Her breakfast was Horchata Rice Pudding (which I didn’t photograph).ย  In fact I only remembered to photograph my Breakfast Burrito with Chipotle Cashew Cheese. I was so in love with it, I couldn’t be bothered with anyone else’s breakfast.

A day out with her brother

After brunch, our 2 adult children left us to go off for a day doing grown up things…and we wondered what to do next. Not quite true actually, I was in a panic at the thought of having to make H’s birthday cake, because she is our family baker, and makes really good cakes for us โ€“ like this one for her brother.

Next thing I knew, my son sent me a photo of a cross-eyed H sitting in one of our local pubs holding a PINT of beer! Enough to worry an anxious mother…and they knew it. ๐Ÿ™‚

They stumbled in at about 5pm, and what had they been up to? Buying coffee, cider, beer, chocolate and books! They take after their parents, obviously.

Dinner with her friends

They had just enough time to sort themselves out before they ran off to Gringo Vibes in High Street to meet her friends for dinner…and a margarita. (And being the rebellious daughter of a blogger, she refused to take a photo of her dinner.)

A cake that would make Napoleon Dynamite proud!

Meanwhile, I put the finishing touches to her rather pathetic birthday cake.

After a lot of indecision, I decided to make the theme of her cakeย โ€“ tattoos. Being 18 now, she was planning to spend her birthday money on her first tattoo. It was going to be a small bluebird with a rose…it wasn’t, in the end, but at that stage (I was told) that was the plan.

I consulted Google images, and then ‘YouTube university’ and found instructions for icing a cake using fondant icing (which I managed quite badly, but better than I expected). Then I broke into H’s food dye stash to paint a bluebird on top.

B bought a bunch of red roses to decorate the rest of the cake. (I’d seen this on a website, and it looked fantasticย  )

I now reveal the crappy result (I can’t believe I’m making this public!):

Birthday cake decorated with roses

Now, while it looks crappy (it reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite and his portrait of Trisha) I have to admit that I had expected it to be worseย โ€“ so I wasn’t that upset about it. I had very low expectations!

H and her friends wandered home from their Mexican dinner and were ‘surprised’ by my masterpiece. Luckily the margarita had made her giggly, so she thought it was great.

The bigger-than-expected tattoo

A couple of days later she ‘surprised’ me…with her new tattoo. It was rather larger than I’d expected, and not of a bluebird and a rose after all.

I can’t post a photo, but I can tell you that she had it done at East Brunswick Tattoos using vegan inks.ย  And I think it looks greatย โ€“ although it’s made me all sentimental, wondering where my little girl has gone!

Surely it’s only a couple of years since she was running around in a fairy dress and gum boots with her hair in two long plaits…

12 thoughts on “My kids grew up!

  1. Oh first drinks, tattoos and cake decoration – that sounds like an intense birthday but you really came up with the goods with the cake – I am impressed (thought you had bought one of those pictures you put on the cake). Having kids who can drink sounds scary – I heard someone who researches young people learning to drive and she said her kids would not drive until they are 40. Smith and Daughters sounds like a great place to celebrate. Now H just needs to learn to photograph her food ๐Ÿ™‚

    • They’re both fairly sensible…so far, thank goodness. As for driving – P has his licence but never drives, and H has had her learner’s permit for a few months but still hasn’t had a lesson. They really don’t need it too much living so close to the city. I grew up in the outer ‘burbs and we got our licence the day we turned 18!

  2. Happy birthday to H! That cocktail looks deeeelicious! I can’t remember if it was my 18th or 21st, but I went to Shakahari for dinner and drank a long island iced tea, it seemed like a very birthday-y thing to do. Sounds like you all had a great day, and the cake is awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

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