It’s time I started eating sensibly again

As you would know if you’ve seen my last few posts, I’ve been eating WAY TOO MUCH over the last few days. It’s time to get back to normal before I put on all my recently-lost weight again!

So today I’m going to try going back to eating smaller (normal) portions, make sure I eat a good amount of fruit and/or vegies every time I eat, and not drink wine or beer every night! That’s basically how I lost the weight in the first place.

Vegan MOFO 2014

I’ve started the day off well, with a trip to the gym. I didn’t bother with my usual post-gym treat – 2 big medjool dates – because it was time for breakfast anyway.


Small bowl of porridge with frozen raspberries, ground seed mix and maple syrup. And a big glass of water.

porridge with raspberries, sitting on the verandah in Spring

What’s the use of having the day off on such a lovely spring day if I don’t sit outside to eat breakfast?

Frozen berries are particularly good because they cool down the porridge, making it ‘just right’, so I can eat it straight away, and don’t have to go for a walk in the woods while it cools down.

Morning snack


As usual on my day off, I was running around frantically doing chores and never got my morning snack – not even a glass of water or a cup of tea. By the time I got home I was getting pretty light headed, as I do when I haven’t eaten.


Hummous and salad wrap with fresh fruit.

I remembered I’d bought a tub of chilli hummous at the Vic Market on Saturday, so I spread it on a wholegrain wrap, topped it with salad greens and a sunflower/sesame seed mix and ate it (outside in the sunshine again) with a banana and (probably) the last of the mandarins for the year.

Hummous and greens in a wholewheat wrap, banana, mandarine

You can see the wrap is unwrapping, so I have the banana and mandarine strategically placed to hold it together for the picture. I didn’t work.

I did manage to resist H’s Father’s Day cake. Seriously, any excuse for a cake and we’ll take it!

Afternoon tea

Soy hot chocolate

When H came home from school, she made me a soy hot chocolate. She’s a wizz with the coffee machine. I can’t handle too much caffeine anymore, so I avoid coffee unless I need to stay awake for a 72 hours straight! But I do enjoy a hot chocolate (or Ho Cho as it’s called by the ‘cool people’ around here).

Trouble is, I just finished drinking it, and forgot to take a picture.  All that’s left is the chocolate powder all over the bench from when H sprinkled it on top. (There is ALWAYS chocolate powder sprinkled all over the bench in this kitchen!)


Baked potato with broccoli and cheesy sauce, pumpkin and salad.

I know I’m trying not to overeat today, but I haven’t been able to get my mind off this baked potato with broccoli and cheese sauce that I saw linked from someone’s MOFO blog the other day (sorry, I can’t find it again!). Anyway, the actual recipe is on the Serious Eats blog. (Watch out, it’s not a vegan blog, but it has a vegetarian/vegan section with some interesting recipes.)

Baked potatoes and broccoli are 2 of my favourite things in the world – and this cheesy sauce would make them even better.

I tracked down the sauce recipe on another page of the site.  I don’t have a high-powdered blender or a chinois…or the right chillies…but I thought I’d give it a go anyway. After all, with potato, cashews, spices, onion, garlic, water and almond milk, how could it go too far wrong?

Mine didn’t turn out quite right. Serious Eats take such a scientific approach to cooking that substituting ingredients willy nilly is going to affect the finished product.

I was a bit worried when I saw how dark my cashew, potato, spice, milk mix was, but once it was blitzed in the blender it turned a nice pale colour. Anyway, it might not have looked quite like the recipe photo, and the taste needed a bit of tweaking, but the decadent, gloppy texture was still there. I only needed to add a bit more chilli sauce and some lemon juice, which I’m sure wouldn’t have been needed if I’d followed the recipe.

I did follow the advice about baking the potatoes in foil and then finishing them without the foil to crisp up on the outside, and that worked well too. I don’t know why I’ve never done that before. I’ve always done foil or no foil, not both.

Baked potato with cashew & potato cheese sauce, roasted pumpkin and salad greens

I have to admit that after I took this photo I plopped another big glob of the cheesy sauce on top. It was pretty delicious, but I’m not sure that fits with my regular sized portions today!

This was a dangerous dish to make when I’m trying to eat sensibly, because there was nobody else around to lick the spoons when I was cleaning up. I’ve also got plenty left for later in the week, so I’ll have to have willpower when I open the fridge.

After dinner

Nobody else was home by the time dinner was ready, so they’ll have to eat later. When the kitchen was cleaned up, I settled myself on the couch to write this post and eat 2 squares of dark chocolate. That’s much more sensible than the amount of chocolate I’d normally eat! Anyway, I’m sure I once heard Ginny Messina say she eats 2 squares of dark chocolate every (well, maybe she didn’t say EVERY) night – and if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me!



5 thoughts on “It’s time I started eating sensibly again

  1. I hear you, I have to watch myself lately! Around this time of year (from about June to November really), there are lots of birthdays and celebration kinds of things. I didn’t make a cake for Fathers Day and we were visiting my parents for dinner but I polished off so many roasted potatoes (the gorgeous crispy kind in lots of oil…) Lately I’ve been craving Al Nada sweets, thanks to have just one the other day and now they’re all I can think about!

    • And then you’ll have Christmas and New Year to think about! I recently found myself having a wine or beer every night with dinner, which is a real trap I fall into every so often. And H always bakes when she’s stressed, so we have lots of cakes around as exams and assessments creep up.

  2. I tried to have a clean eating day today only to hear that my car was written off followed by a speeding ticket from when it was stolen – which meant the chocolate bread pudding leftovers were too tempting! But I know what you mean about weekend celebrations and getting back on track. I love porridge with berries but don’t do the seed mix – like the sound of that. And I will have to remember Ho Cho 🙂

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