A spring picnic with my sister

I’m lying on the couch right now, watching Good Morning Vietnam (Robin Williams…), after a gorgeous day. I’m so exhausted that this will be really quick. It’s Vegan MOFO after all, and I have to tell you what I ate!

Vegan MOFO 2014

Today was one of those glorious early spring days. Blue sky, blossom, bees and warbling magpies.

One of my sisters and I had planned to meet at a pub for our ‘annual drinks’, but the weather was so lovely we assumed that all the beer gardens would be overcrowded. Instead, the glorious weather inspired us to head out to the beautiful Banyule Flats in Heidelberg for a picnic.

It just happened that my picnic blanket was still in the car after last week’s picnic at Yarra Bend.  I dropped by A1 Bakery in Fairfield to pick up my picnic favourites – felafel foldovers and harrissa cake.

Meanwhile, my sister had put together a huge stack of food to nibble on – artichoke hearts, olives, dolmades, guacamole, chilli beans and a couple of beers.

We found a sunny little patch away from the long grass (and the threat of snakes), spread out our blanket and laid out our feast.

picnic food on the blanket
But before we dug in, there was something we had to do. Today would have been the 40th birthday of our gorgeous nephew who died in 1986 at only 12 years old. So we stopped and clinked our beers in a toast to him on his birthday, and imagined (as we have many times) what he would have been like, and how everyone’s lives would have been different if he’d been here today.

Then we lazed around in the sun, visited by sniffing, scampering dogs and threatening magpies, and some kind of itchy insects, stuffing our faces with way too much food, until we were about to burst.

By the time I got home I was so exhausted we decided on a quiet night of takeaway food and videos. I went to the video library but I was so tired I felt like crying when I tried to choose one!

B sent me home and arrived soon after with DVDs and a couple of curries from Curry Cafe – the cafe where they have Thali Time  during the week. I certainly did NOT need food, but I was too tired to argue and it was delicious, so I ate it anyway…on the couch…which is not normally allowed at our place!

curry, beer and a DVD

By the way, Inside Llewyn Davis was so depressing I fell asleep and we turned it off.

Now I’ve collapsed on the couch in my pyjamas, with a cup of tea and a Fry’s chocolate cream bar. I think I’m going to sleep well. Goodnight!


8 thoughts on “A spring picnic with my sister

  1. The picnic and the curries look great and I’m glad you made that comment about that movie so I can avoid it, as I was thinking about watching it! That is awfully sad about your nephew passing away so young, my best wishes to you and your family on his birthday.

  2. What a delicious looking picnic! A picnic is a really lovely way to commemorate your nephew. I’m hoping I can do something positive like that next year xx

  3. We spend a lot of time wondering about the future of our children and I don’t think this ever stops if they die. So sad to hear about your nephew but glad you still remember him. Your picnic looks magnificent and your critique of inside llewyn davis makes me laugh – it is so frustrating to watch that guy self destruct – but E loved it and actually got the DVD out of the library after we watched it at the cinema – I could barely watch it the second time and was pottering while it was on

  4. What a beautiful weather! This weekend will be terribly warm here in Oregon, about 90s! The curry looks delicious! The picnic looks wonderful and delicious, what a memorable way to commemorate your dear nephew’s birthday and passing. Sending my best wishes to you and his family!

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