Quick dinner for MOFO Madness!

Things have got a little bit crazy here over the last few days. With B (my husband) working his usual crazy long hours, me working longer hours than usual, and the kids having exams this week, we’ve kind of ‘let ourselves go’.

Don’t drop in! The place is a mess, and you’ll only find me hunched over a screen writing MOFO posts or drooling over the fantastic food all you other bloggers seem to be eating. Last night it got to 7.30pm and I hadn’t even thought about dinner.
Vegan MOFO 2014

Well, that’s not quite true…I’d THOUGHT about it while I was reading all your blog posts, but by the time I awoke from the inevitable blog-induced trance, my kids (pale, with dark rings around their eyes from studying all day) were staggering around the kitchen grabbing bread and biscuits and threatening to cook dinner. Nooooo! They’ll make a mess that I’ll end up cleaning up!

And that’s when I was relived to remember my favourite, throw-together, quick and easy (and delicious) dinner – the Bowl!
Black bean bowl
I’ve raved about bowls before. They can be as fast and versatile and delicious as you need them to be – and this was probably the quickest and easiest bowl I’ve made, and was right up there for deliciousness too.

This is what I did:

  1. I put some brown rice on the stove to cook for 25 minutes while I got the rest of the bowl ready.
  2. Chopped 2 cloves of garlic.
  3. Heated a tablespoon of olive oil in a non-stick pan.
  4. Threw in a big handful of frozen, chopped onion (I was all out of onion and was thankful to find this emergency stash in the freezer!) and fried it with the garlic until it was translucent.
  5. Drained and rinsed two tins of black beans and added them to the frying pan with a tablespoon of Screaming Seeds Taco Spice Blend and a shake of salt.
  6. Stirred it and slightly mushed it with the back of the spatula.
  7. Washed some salad greens and put them in the bowl with chopped avocado, sundried tomatoes, roasted capsicum and olives.
  8. When the rice was cooked, I added it to the bowl, along with the bean mixture, and topped it with Ki Gourmet Salsa La Adelita chilli sauce.  (This stuff is SO DAMNED GOOD! I think my son and I are becoming addicted.)
  9. Poured a glass of 2012 Yalumba Shiraz Viognier.

Yelled to the family to come and eat!

Yalumba wine

All Yalumba wines from the 2012 vintage onward are vegan.

All done in 30 very easy minutes, and everyone loved it.

Thanks to my frozen onions, bag of salad greens, the spice mix, leftover roasted capsicum, tinned beans, sundried tomatoes and olives from the deli, and that spectacular sauce – it was practically fast food!

So, if you’re also suffering from MOFO Madness, it’s a really good idea to have the makings of a meal waiting in your fridge and pantry so you don’t have to do it all from scratch!


6 thoughts on “Quick dinner for MOFO Madness!

  1. Your dinner looks absolutely fabulous – cooked to perfection! I’m planning a cheeky black bean dish as part of my rather impromptu Vegan MoFo, so it’s nice to see a classic ingredient used in all kinds of ways. I look forward to more posts! 🙂

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