What I did with my free afternoon

I felt a bit like a the naughty kid wagging school today. I’ve been working longer hours than usual while we finish off a big project. I turned up at work today (which is normally my day off), only to find that by midday there was nothing further I could do for the day. Colour me gone!

Vegan MOFO 2014

I skipped out into the cold, wet, miserable day, my mind buzzing with all the possibilities of the day. Washing…bathroom cleaning…vacuuming…cooking… (tragic eh?)

Vegan MOFO gave me the perfect excuse to forget the cleaning and cook up something delicious for dinner.

Pesto-Cauliflower Pasta

I’d bought a rather expensive head of organic cauliflower from the Vic Market at the weekend, and was determined to remember to use it before it turned limp and grey, so I went searching for some way to make the most of it.

In Isa Does It I found a rather tempting picture of Pesto-Cauliflower Pasta (page 126). It’s pasta with a thick walnut/pinenut pesto and cauliflower florets, scattered with crumbed, fried cubes of tofu.

It looked pretty simple, but as usual with this book, it was a bit more complicated than I first expected. Also as usual, it was worth the effort!

From mouldy pesto to Bestest Pesto!

To save time and effort, I’d planned to use a shop-bought jar of vegan pesto…until I opened it and found a furry, little spot on the rim. Yechhhhh! That went in the bin and I raced out to buy a bunch of basil, just in time to be absolutely drenched in a sudden, violent downpour.

The pesto recommended in Isa Does It is Bestest Pesto. I followed the recipe, but didn’t include cilantro (coriander), because my daughter is one of those people who hates it.

I’m really glad I was forced to make my own, because it tasted a lot better than the bought pesto – even though that bought pesto is perfectly good. This homemade version had more of that rich, nutty creaminess.

“More flavour” roasted cauliflower

As suggested in the book, I took the ‘more flavour’ option and roasted the cauliflower, rather than boiling it with the pasta.

cauliflower florets on roasting tray

Roasted vegetables are always best. I would have just eaten this on its own!

My crumbed tofu will be better next time

The crumbed tofu tasted good, but it didn’t work really well (Isa says it might take a few tries to perfect it.) The problem was that the tofu didn’t have time to get toasty before the bread started to burn. Next time I’ll keep the heat a lot lower.

Luckily my son had to run off to a class, so we decided (because it smelled so delicious we really couldn’t wait) to eat early.

Pasta with pesto, cauliflower and crumbed tofu

We all agreed it was BEWDIFUL! I’ll definitely make it again.

We can’t go past chocolate spread

So how do you find a dessert to follow that? There were too many dirty dishes in the kitchen by this time, so we weren’t going to have dessert, until we remembered the jar of Biona Organic Dark Chocolate Spread we bought at the Cruelty Free Shop at Vegan Day Out (But more about that in my next post). It was simple and delicious.

chocolate spread on toast

5 valid reasons to give up being vegan

Couldn’t resist adding this video, in case you haven’t already seen it doing the rounds on social media. I was a bit worried it would offend non-vegans, but the ones I know who’ve seen it, thought it was hilarious too.

5 thoughts on “What I did with my free afternoon

  1. Thanks a great-looking pasta dish! I’ll have to keep an eye out for it next time I have that cookbook out. I’ll keep my expectations low the first time I try making the tofu. 😉

  2. Ha, yet another page of that book I have a bookmark in! I literally (literally!) just had my spotty cauliflower fall out of the fridge right now and I have to use it tomorrow or else it goes in the bin. Except I don’t have basil! I love coriander but never with a pasta dish or pesto so I would leave it out too.

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