Daiya and Please Like Me TONIGHT!

It’s an exciting night for me!

ABC2 are showing all the episodes of the first season of Please Like Me back to back tonight, before the new season starts on Tuesday.

But that’s not all…I also managed to get hold of the second last packet of Daiya mozzarella at Mad Cowgirls  this morning.

And H has made a cake. Banana and chocolate with cream cheese icing.

Please Like Me

I LOVED the first season of Please Like Me when it aired last year. The series only had 6 episodes, so it was over before we knew it, and I was worried we’d never see it again. But somebody else must have loved it too, because it was picked up by a US cable network, and now it’s back – and this time there are 12 episodes in the series. Yay!

I’m all set for tonight: beer, pizza, cake, Fry’s Chocolate Cream bar and the remote control under my control.


Daiya mozzarella and dairy-free pesto

Roza’s dairy-free pesto and Daiya mozzarella

I’ve heard such good things about Daiya, I was pretty excited to try it out. So far, the best mozzarella I’ve tried is Notzarella, which is good, but I’m happy to do without it.

The ingredients in Daiya surprised me. There’s nothing hideously chemical or toxic-looking. It’s pretty much made of food, which is a good start.

Daiya cheese ingredients label
We all made up our own pizzas. I added tomato puree, Daiya, caramelised onion, roasted capsicum, steamed broccoli, semi-sundried tomatoes, potato, walnuts and a dab of dairy-free pesto on top.

The Daiya browned nicely and had a little bit of stretch, but I’m sad to say it was a little bit pasty. I think the thing is, that I’m over needing mozzarella now. If I refuse to eat the thinly sliced mozzarella I used to buy at the market in my dairy-eating days, I’m happier to eat a cheese-free pizza. I reckon that caramelised onions and/or olives and/or a little bit of truffle oil give my pizzas the decadent, salty, oily taste even better than cheese does.

Daiya and Notsarella are OK, but I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to buy them again, unless I was making pizza for someone who couldn’t do without cheese of some kind.

Pizza with a dog waiting for food to drop

Cocoa (our dog) was hanging around waiting for some of the pizza to drop on the floor.

Banana chocolate cake

After the pizza, I cut myself a small piece of H’s new favourite cake.

We had lots of over ripe bananas to use up, so she veganised the Chocolate Banana Cake from the Joy of Baking, using egg replacer and soy milk. Instead of the ganache icing, she made a cream cheese icing from Tofutti cream cheese.

Chocolate banana cake with Tofutti cream cheese icing

Chocolate banana cake with Tofutti cream cheese icing

It was lovely and moist and chocolatey. Luckily her brother loves it too, so we’re encouraging him to eat it, so we don’t end up devouring it all. I could probably polish off the lot in one evening if someone didn’t stop me!

Well, I had planned to eat all my goodies while I watched the show, but it doesn’t start for a while yet, and all my food is gone now…and I feel a bit sick…

Might just curl up on the couch and hope someone wakes me at 8.50 pm for the show.

Quick! It’s on!

Here’s a preview of the first series…(aaahhhhh! I’ve taken so long to write this that it’s about to start…)

8 thoughts on “Daiya and Please Like Me TONIGHT!

  1. I liked the new series but am less excited about the second – probably partly because E is not so keen on it which makes it less fun. I do like Josh Thomas and might have watched it if we didn’t have a rare Saturday night out. Hope you enjoyed it.

    Interesting to hear of your daiya experiments. I love cheese but would like to eat less and so have enjoyed experimenting with vegan cheese. I tried biocheese recently and the pizza I made with it was great – my main problem with cheeseless pizzas is that all the toppings fall off. I have also tried a cheese sauce on the pizza which was not great but I need to try it again because the cheese sauce was a bit thick. And H’s cake looks great – I think I could eat quite a few pieces

    • H and I are the big fans, the rest of the family aren’t so keen. When Sylvia gets older you’ll have to train her to like the shows E doesn’t like. H watches detective dramas with her dad, and Offspring and Please Like Me with me. (Anything to avoid homework!)

  2. I’m a big fan of Daiya and don’t like cheeseless pies but I recently bought “The Non-Dairy Evolution” cookbook because pals are swooning over it! Check it out. Your pizza looks amazing. Obviously Cocoa thinks so too.

    • I haven’t heard of that one. I’ll have to check it out. I’m going to give the other Daiya cheeses a go, after hearing good reports. Trouble is, all the shops in Melbourne seem to be sold out right now. (I think we Melbournians got a bit over excited when it appeared on our shores!)

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