Winning the lottery at Smith & Daughters

A daggy middle-aged couple walk into the newest and grooviest restaurant in town. The place has been open less than a week, and it’s buzzing and packed full. They have no booking. All the tables are reserved. What happens next will amaze you!

[Did that sound enough like one of those silly social media articles trying its best to go viral?]

What actually happened was that the pair were welcomed, quickly found a couple of stools at the end of the bar, and had a great meal!

No booking at Smith & Daughters

After I dropped H off to meet a friend at the IMAX tonight, B and I thought we’d meet up on Brunswick Street and grab a quick bite to eat.

It was a warm (but smoky) night, and as we wandered up the road, I mentioned that we should have booked a table at Smith & Daughters, but that they’d definitely have been booked out anyway. After all, they opened less than a week ago, and EVERYONE I know is clamouring to get there.

As we approached, we could see loads of cool people milling around – all trying to disguise their wide-eyed excitement about being there. Or maybe that was just me.

Front of Smith & Daughters

B marched straight in and asked if they had a table, as I shook my head at his naivety. As if they’d have room for two people with no booking, right on dinner time! I thought they’d just send us on our way, but after a few moments of doubt and searching, they offered us a couple of stools at the end of the bar. A perfect spot to perch and watch the crowds…and the food. It felt like winning the lottery!

I tried my best not to clap my hands and jump up and down and squeal too loudly.

Sharing paella for 2

As I’d suspected after checking the menu online, I couldn’t figure out what to order, and we didn’t have time to mess around, so we opted to share the Paella for 2. It’s been a long time since I’ve had paella I didn’t cook myself – and this was worth the wait. It was full of peas and vegan prawns, sausage and scallops, and had the rich, satisfying, tomatoey taste of proper paella.

Paella for 2

And then sharing dessert

I didn’t want to eat too much, because we had limited time, and I wanted to make sure I had time (and room) for the Mexican Flan. Flan de Queso used to be my favourite dessert when I still ate dairy, so I was really looking forward to trying it. B chose the same dessert, but we were advised (very wisely) to get two different desserts, so we could share. We chose the Tarta de Chocolate Azteca served with fresh avocado ice cream as our second dessert.

Mexican flan

They were both really good. The Mexican Flan was delicious, with the familiar burnt caramel taste, but had more of an earthy, satisfying texture instead of the totally smooth texture I was familiar with. We really liked it.

Desserts and coffee

Tarta de Chocolate Azteca

The Tarta de Chocolate Azteca was on a whole different level though. I can’t actually remember the layers now, but it was biscuity and cocoa-y, and in the middle was a layer of something that might have been chocolate-date-chilli (?) paste. It was awesome – especially with the avocado ice cream. Who knew that a non-sweet avocado ice cream could be so delicious, and the perfect accompaniment to the sweet, hot taste of the Tarta?

Tarta de Chocolate Azteca with avocado ice cream

A sunset stroll after dinner

We finished just in time to allow us a leisurely stroll, past the Exhibition Buildings at sunset, back to the Imax, to pick up the girls.

Exhibition Building, Melbourne

I thought yesterday was Wednesday!

I may not have got to see Isa and Terry and the Black Metal Chef at the Corner Hotel tonight, but I did have a fantastic time and ate some really good vegan food. [Yes, the Corner Hotel show is tonight, not last night as I said in my last post! I was CERTAIN yesterday was Wednesday!]

Next time we’ll book

I can’t wait to go back to Smith & Daughters and try out a whole lot of the small plates and perhaps even a cocktail…but next time I’ll make sure we book in advance and have plenty of time to try lots of different things.

Just in case you don’t know where it is…

Smith & Daughters is an all vegan, Latin-inspired restaurant at 175 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne. The staff are friendly, the atmosphere is groovy and the food is excellent and cruelty free. Go there soon!


19 thoughts on “Winning the lottery at Smith & Daughters

  1. Wow, I bet I will be the last vegan in town to go to Smith & Daughters! I can’t wait to go and I’ve looked at the menu so much but still can’t decide what I’ll get. I’m waiting to go with my sister and brother in law so we can at least get different things and then take a bit from eachothers’ plates! That chocolate dessert looks soooo good.

  2. How do you think senior citizens who are even daggier would go? Might destroy their image totally I reckon. 🙂

  3. Hooray for new restaurants that delight and surprise with both their food and accommodations! I have to admit that your food was all on the daring side for me, but I really enjoyed living vicariously through your descriptions. Sorry you missed Terry & Isa; I’m sure they were a hoot.

  4. Oh my goodness, that paella looks absolutely yum! I know a few restaurants in Vegas that offer vegan paella for two and I heard these dishes are pretty huge! And that Mexican flan y tarta de Chocolate Azteca = both look so awesome! I can’t believe there’s some vegan Latin food that looks so good in Melbourne….crazy!!

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