Happiness in a pleather jacket

Yesterday was International Day of Happiness. Is this the first one? I’ve never even heard of it before, but I like it. Yes, I’m a day late, but I really want to slap up a quick post!

I wasn’t working yesterday, but when I arrived at work this morning, we had a new video on the intranet. Two of my workmates made a video yesterday – one dancing around like a crazy woman (yes, she IS ALWAYS this happy!) and the other showing magnificent camera skills and dexterity, walking backwards down a laneway in Melbourne!

I loved the video, but told my friends that I couldn’t post it on my blog because she was wearing a leather jacket…but it wasn’t leather at all – it was pleather! So now I can post it. I hope it makes you happy too (if you’re not already sick of this song. I’m not…yet.)

Happy animal videos

Then I realised that this was a great excuse to post all of the happy and joyous animal videos I’ve seen lately.  You’ve probably seen at least some of them around social media, but even so, they’re worth another look. So here they are – the happiest animals. 🙂

Jumping cows

Goats bouncing on a sheet of metal

A sheep playing chasy with a dog

A rescued bear splashing in a pool

A cheeky dog bouncing on the bed when her owners went out

Happiest album ever

This album full of happy animals at Edgar’s Mission is gorgeous!

Happy Cow

And finally, on the theme of happiness, here’s the Happy Cow listing of vegetarian restaurants in Melbourne. Just in case you’re hungry…and in Melbourne.

Happy girl surrounded by dogs

And this is happiness! 🙂


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