Fry’s chocolate bars. They’re vegan!

I’ve ALWAYS had a sweet tooth, and chocolate has always been my biggest weakness. As a kid, I loved almost all chocolate bars (except Pollywaffles and Nudge bars), but my very favourite were Fry’s bars.


If you never tasted one, the Fry’s Five Centre bar was a slim, dark chocolate bar filled with flavoured fondants – strawberry, pineapple, lime, orange and raspberry.

The Fry’s Chocolate Cream bar had a plain, white filling. I could never figure out exactly what flavour it was, but I liked it ALMOST as much as the fruity version.

Sadly, both varieties disappeared from the milk bar shelves quite a few years ago – and, even more sadly, most of the milk bars disappeared soon after! (Perhaps there’s a link there!)

Original Lolly Store has them

Whenever the “What’s your favourite chocolate bar?” question came up (maybe that’s an indication of the company I keep) I reminisced about the Fry’s bars’ smooth dark chocolate and soft, sweet fillings. When H discovered the Original Lolly Store  chain several years ago, I was rapt to find that they stocked Fry’s Chocolate Cream and Fry’s Orange Cream bars amongst their imported chocolate bars.  I immediately had a bit of a Fry’s Bar Fest, pushing them at the kids saying, “SEE? SEE? They really did make the best chocolate bars in the olden days!”

Fry's chocolate bars, showing fillings

Peppermint, orange and …um…white flavours, with smooth, dark chocolate.

After we went vegan I avoided that shop because, with all the delicious vegan food available elsewhere, I was already stacking on the weight and didn’t need any more temptations. I figured most of the lollies would contain gelatine or dairy products anyway, so it was best to just keep away.

Leo’s Fine Food & Wine has them

Last week (having recently lost 6 kilograms…thank you very much), I was doing my weekly supermarket shopping at Leo’s in Heidelberg. Walking down the confectionery aisle (you must understand that the confectionery aisle is also the toiletries aisle, so I really can’t avoid it) I noticed a familiar chocolate bar jumping around on the shelf, waving to me, and calling my name like an old friend.

It was the Fry’s Chocolate Cream bar, accompanied by her new friends the Orange Cream bar and the Peppermint Cream bar. I had to go over and say hello. I didn’t really hold out much hope of being able to eat one, because I was sure there would be dairy products in there somewhere, but I turned them over and gave the ingredients the obligatory scan.

Fry's Chocolate Cream bar ingredients panel

Please let me know if you spy something that isn’t vegan in that lot.

Next thing I knew, I was doing a happy dance with my trolley, and those bars were all coming home with me!

Instead of rolling their eyes at me, the family gathered around and I had to slap away their greedy, grabby hands long enough to divide the bars up evenly, so we could all try each flavour.

Fry's Chocolate Cream, Orange Cream and Peppermint Cream bars

All 3 Fry’s bars available now – all are delicious, but none is as good as the Five Centre

Now bring back Fry’s Five Centre bars!

They really are a fantastic chocolate bar – for those of us with an out-of-control sweet tooth. These 3 varieties are really good, but I really miss the now out-of-production Five Centre Bar. And apparently, I’m not the only one.

A quick Google search told me that there are numerous campaigns, petitions and Facebook pages dedicated to persuading Cadbury to bring them back. Sadly, each one only has about 20 supporters. They need to all be rolled over into one campaign (like a whole lot of lost superannuation funds),  if they’re going to have a chance of being effective.

Personally, I can’t be bothered doing anything about it (apart from whining…and writing this post). I’m so happy to be reunited with my old friends, I think I’ll just sit back with another Chocolate Cream Bar and try to figure out what that flavour is! It might take a few bars, so hopefully my other old friends – 6 kilos of visceral fat – don’t drop by too.

14 thoughts on “Fry’s chocolate bars. They’re vegan!

  1. I sometimes buy E a fry’s chocolate bar as a treat – they always seem like chocolate from the UK for me because he loves them and I don’t remember eating them. And I agree about avoiding the original lolly shop – it is a den of temptations

  2. I’m pretty sure a couple of my strict vegan friends would be put off by the ‘THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS MILK’ disclaimer, however the rest looks pretty good to me! Glad that you managed to find your childhood love in a vegan-friendly form! I don’t personally remember eating any Fry’s chocolate bars but they do look rather delicious. I’ll have to have a look in our Aussie chocolate shops!

    • It’s always tricky to figure out where the line should be! I used to be a bit unsure about the disclaimer too, but I decided that I don’t mind as long as they aren’t using it as an ingredient. I figure they aren’t purchasing animal products to use in the bars, so I’m not giving money to animal products. I know some people also won’t eat in a restaurant or buy products from businesses that also sell animal products. I do though, because I figure that if we don’t, then mainstream companies won’t see any demand for vegan products. (This could be a whole blog post in itself, couldn’t it!)

      In Australia, we actually import Fry’s bars from the UK, so if you see a British chocolate shop, check it out. 🙂

      • Also, at least in the US, that’s mainly a warning for allergy-sufferers. Factories are compelled to thoroughly clean equipment between dairy and non-dairy (or nut and non-nut) production, but the disclaimer saves them any litigation from unintended cross-contamination in the case of a severely allergic person. Unfortunately, many vegan companies cannot afford production in a vegan-dedicated facility.

  3. I’ve never heard of them! My favourite chocolate was Tosca, which were discontinued when I was a teen I think. I always hated the Cadbury block with the pineapple, strawberry etc flavours 🙂 I’d always eat the caramel one but that was it.

    • Ooh yes, the Cadbury one was Snack. I didn’t like that either – it sounds similar to the Fry’s Five Centre, but it wasn’t. Eww, I especially disliked the coconut centre. I remember Toscas, but I don’t remember having them much. Were they a caramelly, biscuity bar? Didn’t they say “It’s time for a Tosca?”

  4. Wow, what is this madness?! There’s a Leo’s near my house too, and it has some ahhhmazing chocolates. Chocolates from far away lands that I’ve never heard of. And vegan too! I actually had some tonight, from the brand Madecasse. They do some yummy flavours…one I had the other night was citrus and pink pepper. So good! Every time I go to Leo’s I spend about an hour just wandering looking at all the weird and wonderful products.

  5. We found the peppermint Fry’s in a London tube station. I hated it! I think, though, that things you remember from your childhood reside in a special food memory bank that recalls happiness as well as flavor. Enjoy!

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  7. In uk Tesco and Waitrose sell the multipacks and B&M sell singles and multipacks v cheap.
    I’m ok with cross contamination, I’m not allergic to milk and its not a deliberate ingredient so buying it is not funding milk industry.

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