‘Vegan’ doesn’t have to mean healthy: baked doughnuts

A lot of people seem to assume that vegan food has to be healthy. Ha! For me it’s just (OK, mostly just) about saving the animals.

Last week, a work friend sent me this article. It’s about some ‘accidentally vegan’ foods. They’re pretty much junk foods, which is fine, because nobody ever said that they were healthy. I’ve tried all of them at one time or another – but I wouldn’t say they were delicious, and I wouldn’t recommend that anyone eat them too often. I’m still glad they’re available and that they’re mainstream products that don’t use animals.

Some of the comments were pretty annoying. It seems that just because these foods happen to be vegan, it’s almost seen as proof that a vegan diet isn’t healthy and all vegans eat a lot of crap! If I could be bothered remembering my Fairfax password, I’d post a comment too. Instead I’ll just growl and frown at the paper…er…screen, and write a post about unhealthy vegan food. 🙂


You might have guessed, I’m a bit of a fan of unhealthy foods, and this seems like a good opportunity to show you what I’ve just eaten for morning tea.

H (my daughter) got into baking mode yesterday. She had an English essay to write and I’m afraid she takes after me. When I was studying last year and assignments to do, I always had a tidy house, and had the washing clean, sorted, folded and put away. You should see it now – oh dear! (Perhaps I need to start studying again!)

Anyway, on Saturday I emailed H a recipe for mini vegan baked doughnuts, and happily she took the hint. 🙂

BAKED doughnuts?

I really wasn’t sure how these would go. I’d bought a mini doughnut pan last year, and never really got enthused about trying it out. I had a feeling vegan doughnuts would be just like vegan cupcakes with a hole in the middle. I was wrong! They’re actually a lot like proper doughnuts, but are delicious in their own right.

12-hole mini doughnut pan for baked doughnuts.

Mini doughnut baking pan

You can buy doughnut baking pans (mini and full sized) from those specialist kitchenwares shops. I got mine in Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, near the corner of Bourke Street. (For the life of me, I can’t find or remember the name of the shop!) They had quite a range of different doughnut pans and gadgets.

Are they like real doughnuts?

While we were watching the Stephen Hawking story on TV last night, H presented us each with a tiny iced doughnut and a cup of tea.

The taste and texture really surprised me. They were soft and doughey like donuts, and they had the flavour of doughnuts, because of the nutmeg and cinnamon. Of course, anything with icing and hundreds & thousands is a going to be a hit with me anyway.

Morning tea in the Autumn sunshine

Even though her always-hungry brother got into them last night, there were still some left this morning. In fact, I’ve just polished one off for my morning tea, sitting outside on the verandah. If you’re looking for a nice, little treat or something to share with friends, you should give them a go. H said they were really quick and easy to make, and they look really pretty too.

Morning tea on the veranda

Morning tea on the veranda

Or you can buy vegan doughnuts

If you can’t be bothered, or you’re looking for a traditional fried doughnut, you could try Big Lou’s Donuts in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.  They have a sign out the front advertising vegan jam donuts. There’s a minimum order of two, so take a friend with you, or make sure you’re hungry!

We haven’t tried them yet, because lately it’s been too hot…and Berrissimo is nearby. Now that the weather’s cooling down, we’ll have to get down there and try them out. Perhaps one day when H has finished all her homework!

Big Lou at the Show.

The doughnuts shown here aren’t vegan – I don’t think they were making vegan doughnuts back in 2012. It’s great to see that a mainstream food outlet has made the jump to produce vegan products, so we can all enjoy them. Let’s hope they’re popular and they expand their range even further.


9 thoughts on “‘Vegan’ doesn’t have to mean healthy: baked doughnuts

  1. These look cute and fun, not to mention tasty. But don’t tempt me to buy more kitchen stuff…! Maybe I could try baking them in a normal cupcake pan.

  2. I love the look of those doughnut pans but have avoided buying them. I have tried yeasted doughnuts which require a doughnut cutter but are also good just round – would be interested to try this as mini doughnut holes. And I think sometimes it is good not to get into the comments on these sort of posts. Probably best not to find your fairfax password 🙂

  3. Doughnuts are the reason why I still look like one– I can not resist the call of the hot jam donuts van at Preston market despite trying to eat well and avoid fried/oil stuff most of the time. I think I’ll start baking some too, they’re too cute not to. I saw that article but never read the comments because I know I’d just get ticked off at the ignorance-stupidity combination!

  4. My biggest complaint with people saying that vegans eat junk is that most of the world eats junk; at least we’re eating compassionate junk! All junk is not equal. I have that pan and I’ve made Vegan Yum Yum’s recipe in them. I’m going to have to pull them out again some time soon. Mine weren’t nearly as pretty and I never once stopped at one.

    • Exactly! I once had someone ask me whether I was concerned that my kids weren’t getting all the nutrients they needed…right at that moment, her two little preschooler girls went to the pantry and came out with a huge chocolate biscuit and a can of Coke each! My kids were sitting on the couch eating their apples. I looked at her and laughed, thinking she’d get the joke, but she didn’t even notice! I’m going to track down the Vegan Yum Yum recipe and send it to H to test. 🙂

  5. Ohhh yeah. Yumm. I love doughnuts, whether they’re healthy or not. Just in moderation… otherwise I’d be the size of a house! I’ve never tried a baked version. They look great!

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