Labyrinthitis: enemy of the blogger!

I’m taking a short break. I have labyrinthitis and computer screens are making me nauseous.

See you when my room stops spinning…

Ceiling rose

My ceiling rose that has been zipping around in an anti-clockwise direction.. Arghhhh!

I much prefer Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo!

12 thoughts on “Labyrinthitis: enemy of the blogger!

  1. oh no! I have to admit I’d never heard of this so I googled it and boy you have my sympathy because I have episodes of Meniere’s type symptoms. Fortunately they happen once in a blue moon but boy oh boy they sure are awful, if I try to sit up in bed I fall over. urgh! I hope you’re better asap, I’d rather have an awful gastro bug than the dizziness and nausea!

  2. I was just thinking you’ve been quiet. Keith has great sympathy for you and after reading about Labyrinthitis we now think that was what he must have had as a child. Hope it disappears soon xx

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