New Year’s resolutions

I know some people think New Year’s resolutions are dumb, but I love them. They’re a chance to re-evaluate things and make plans (even if I don’t always keep them).

A lot of people around me had a horrible time in 2013, but for me personally, it was rather good.  I’m hoping 2014 can be just as good – but for everyone, this time! Here are my resolutions to keep me on track for another good year.

Resolution 1: Be patient

Don’t groan and roll my eyes when people ask me silly questions like, “Don’t you care about the pain felt by carrots when they’re pulled from the earth?”.

There are a lot of questions like this that just seem plain ridiculous, but I will do my best to remain patient and serene and answer them anyway. I’ll try to remember that I probably had some pretty stupid thoughts as I tried to figure out how I’d been sucked in by carnism and speciesism all my life, without even realising it.

I think I once heard Colleen Patrick-Goudreau say that she always tries to remember that, “before I was vegan, I wasn’t”…and for most of us that’s true, so it pays to be nice.

Resolution 2: Say no sometimes

Resist the temptations of San Churro, Helados Jauja, Mister Nice Guy, Big Lou’s, Berrissimo, Trippy Taco   and all the other places that offer irresistible vegan treats.

Churros dipped in melted dark chocolate

Dark chocolate churros from San Churro

Chocolate and lemon sorbet from Helados Jauja

Chocolate and lemon sorbet from Helados Jauja

Mister Nice Guy cupcakes at Williamstown

We always seem to be able to find an occasion suitable for Mister Nice Guy cupcakes.


Berrissimo frozen yoghurt: banana (left) and chocolate (right) with chocolate balls, coconut rough, strawberries and chocolate sauce.

Trippy Taco can veganise their Nutella Melt with vegan chocolate spread and soy ice cream!

Trippy Taco can veganise their Nutella Melt with vegan chocolate spread and soy ice cream!

I must remember that it isn’t my personal responsibility to support these businesses ALL the time…although I’m willing to take my share of the burden.

If you live in Melbourne, I’m relying on you to help me out by eating as much of this food as you need to, to keep all those businesses thriving. Thanks!

Resolution 3: keep resolution 2

Resolution number 2 should go a long way towards resolution number 3: Lose the 7 kilos that the physio told me to lose about 18 months ago (instead, I’ve put on 3 kilos!).

Resolution 4: Check the bags

After an unpleasant mishap in the park yesterday, I resolve to remember to carefully check the dog poo bags I got in my World Vegan Day showbag BEFORE I thrust my hand in and scoop up…(sorry, I shouldn’t really be sharing this at dinner time – but if you have one of those rolls of poo bags, be careful!).

So on that note…Happy New Year everyone!

Veganuary is here!

If you’re not already vegan, but you think you’d like to give it a go in 2014, you might want to sign up for Veganuary. It’s just what that brilliant name suggests – go vegan for the month of January. Check out the video (below) and the website.

As I’ve just demonstrated, you won’t have to live on lettuce and brown rice (although, they’re good too!).

12 thoughts on “New Year’s resolutions

  1. All of your eats look delicious! I love resolutions, and I’ve made a few this year and am using social media and this blog to stay accountable!

  2. happy new year linda – it is hard to keep off the yummy food and keep the kilos off but I wish you balance and I will try to support these businesses just for you 🙂 I like your resolution no 1 – I immediately thought patient with kids but I think patience with vegan questions is a great objective.

  3. Good for you! I just generally have to stop sighing and rolling my eyes at just about everything people say to me (“I might not be vegan, but you are so I’m surprised that you’re wearing a handbag by xxx designer since he also uses fur.”). Aaargh: NON-vegan police!!! Anyhoo, I join you in res 2 & 3, but please do eat a churro for me at some point; that looks amazing! HNY!

  4. Hey Linda, yes our incredibly smooth and rich chocolate sorbet is an irresistible vegan treat. But such good new year’s resolutions 🙂 We will miss you much… Hopefully we survive the year from your friends who have vowed to help your vegan hangouts stay afloat so we can see you in 2015 😉

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