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I’ve been in a bit of a funk (for want of a better word) lately. The behaviour and reactions of a few people I’ve met recently (meat eaters and vegans) blew the wind out of my sails for a while…but I’m back today to tell you about a little vegan feast that H and I shared. We chomped into some excellent nut cheeses, a pre-packaged dessert and a recipe from Isa Does It (even though my copy of the book hasn’t arrived yet).

If I can muster the energy I’ll explain what caused my ‘funk’ in a later post. (Don’t you love the word ‘funk’? Makes me think of grooving around the disco floor – which isn’t really how I’ve been feeling.)

With half the family away for the weekend, H and I made a trip to the video library (are they still called ‘video libraries’?) and stocked up on some vegan treats for a big night in and a special breakfast. Here’s how it went.

Movie and snack no. 1


The first movie was Starbuck, a French Canadian movie about a ‘loser’ who finds out he’s the biological father of over 500 kids, as a result of multiple sperm donations he made in his 20s. It was all a bit odd, but it was also sweet and funny, and of course everything turned out right in the end. Apparently there is a new American version with Vince Vaughan in the main role and the reviews for that are not as good.

(Just a warning, if you decide to see it: The main character drives a butcher’s delivery truck, so there are some images of carcasses as he goes about his job. We just looked away for those bits, but I would like to have been forewarned.)

Virtuous salad plate

While we watched, we started off with a very healthy dinner made by H. It was a mixed plate made up of chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, red onions, garlic and oil, along with wilted kale and chillies. Once we were satisfied that we’d made a virtuous start to our meal it was time for treats!

Walnut cheese

I’d been looking for an excuse to try some more Botanical Cuisine products since I first had their walnut cheese a few weeks back.

Wow, this walnut cheese was fantastic. H’s comment was, “I didn’t think I’d ever taste cheese again!” I kept trying to think of what it reminded me of, and realised it was the layered walnut cheese that my mum used to buy in the 80s. Duh!

Jar of Botanical Cuisine walnut cheese

This was really good…and we ate it far too fast. But that was weeks ago. This time we promised ourselves we’d be more sensible. Ha!

Lemon and dill cheese

Yesterday afternoon there was no walnut cheese left at Fruit Pedallers/Terra Madre (obviously we’re not the only ones who love it), so we decided to try the Lemon and Dill Cheese.

Botanical Cuisine Tiramisu-ish and Lemon and dill cheese

Yes, these jars are EMPTY!

Well, I think this one was even better! It doesn’t have the slightly greyish colour of the walnut cheese, and the lemony freshness stopped me from realising how much of it I was eating, until H went to dig her knife in and gasped…half of the jar was gone! How did that happen?

I was ashamed of myself and left the rest of the jar to her and tapped my toes until we could start on dessert.

Movie and snack no. 2

The Invention of Lying

Our second movie was The Invention of Lying, which had been highly recommended to me by a guy in a café I used to go to every day. Well, despite having Ricky Gervais and Jennifer Garner (I usually like them both), it was fairly crap…but please don’t tell the guy from the café! None of it made sense, and they were a really unconvincing couple. It wasn’t even very funny, so it was lucky we had dessert to distract us.


There had been a few different desserts to choose from, but we chose Tiramisu-ish (see the picture above). I’d been fascinated by it since reading about it on Veganopoulous.

It was creamy and sweet and quite tiramisu-ish, but I definitely preferred the cheeses. Maybe that’s just because it’s been so long since I’ve tasted cheese – and I never have a chance to crave desserts with H baking all the time.

Movie and snack no. 3


OK, number 3 wasn’t a movie. It was a DVD of Portlandia episodes. They were funny, as always, and there were plenty that we hadn’t seen before. The episodes are nice and short, which was just perfect for us, because by that time we were nodding off.

No more snacks – too sick, too tired!

We’d had plans for popcorn and a block of Cocolo dark orange chocolate, but we were too full and sick and tired, so we stumbled off to bed to make sure we were up for…The Day of the Doctor!

Up early for Doctor Who and breakfast

Doctor Who at 6.50 am

I needn’t have set my alarm, because my ever-reliable built-in alarm clock woke me at 6 am. I actually felt like I’d slept in by the time I got up at 6.30! H wouldn’t join me – she used the excuse that she didn’t want to spoil seeing it on the big screen in 3D this afternoon. (yeah, right) Even the dog wouldn’t get up and keep me company! Anyway, that meant I didn’t have to share the couch or the blanket or the cushions.

I was a bit unsure at first, because it seemed to be going along the lines of wacky Doctor Who, which I’m not so keen on. But thankfully, about half way through, the tone changed. To be honest, I couldn’t actually follow half of the story line, but that’s OK.  It was dramatic and nostalgic, with lots of reminders of old Doctors and old episodes. I won’t post any spoilers here, because a lot of people who want to see it, still haven’t seen it at this stage.

Isa’s Puffy Pillow Pancakes

By the time it was finished, I was wide awake and the house was still silent and sleepy, so I Googled Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s Make It Vegan video of her puffy pancakes with blueberry and ginger sauce. I meant to make them for dessert earlier in the week, but who gets time for that on a weekday?

Puffy Pillow Pancakes with blueberry ginger sauce

These were my FIRST two…

The puffy pancakes worked well, and the sauce was absolutely beautiful. I’ve never combined blueberries and ginger, but as she promises, it’s a winning combination! The ginger gives the sweetness a real bite.

Unfortunately, H couldn’t be roused, even for pancakes. The dog enjoyed half a pancake, though he made a sticky blueberry mess on the kitchen floor.

Just as I’d given up on sharing (& had eaten 4 of them!) I heard a noise at the door and, as though they’d smelled the blueberries all the way from Mt Buller, the rest of the family arrived to polish off the remaining pancakes.

So H missed out on pancakes, but she still has 6 more DVDs and a block of chocolate to soften the blow – not to mention the Day of the Doctor in 3D this afternoon.

Here’s a link for Isa does it, and you can watch the Puffy Pancakes video below.

6 thoughts on “Movies and treats

  1. I really wish you’d posted a photo of the blueberry mess on the floor! I only dab 89’s pancakes in syrup before I give them to her and even then I kind of hold my hands under her chin.

    I’ve been eating Treeline cheese over here in the States and having the same cheese deja vu. No more excuses from the cheese-loving crowd!

  2. I’ve never tried walnut cheese, but that looked very tasty! Are they available in the U.S.? I also watched the recent Doctor Who episode – I didn’t like it with the ‘new girl’, but it was nice to see the old Doctors.

    • Hi Rika. Interesting to hear your thoughts on Clara. I never really warmed to her either – I think she’s a bit too polished for Doctor Who – but then Amy Pond was a hard act to follow!

      I think Botanical Cuisine (the walnut cheese makers) are local here in Melbourne. I’m not sure whether they’d be available anywhere else yet.

      I hear about lots of nut cheeses in Europe and the US, though. That’s why I was so keen to try it. Yum!

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