Two healthy dinners

After drooling over all the fantastic MoFo blog posts, I thought I’d better lift my game and start making some healthier dinners. I trawled through a whole lot of fantastic vegan blogs and found some fantastic meals to try. Here are the first two…

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Layered salad

I had a couple of perfect avocadoes, so I was looking for some recipes that would use them. Over at Oh She Glows I found Angela’s Layered raw taco salad for two.

I changed it a bit—why can I never stick to a recipe? Of course, I made it for 4 people, instead of 2, but then I changed some of the layers, as you’ll see.

I started with the layer of greens mixed with the onion and tomatoes that were supposed to be in the guacamole (the rest of the family prefer plain mashed avocadoes, and who am I to argue?).

Salad with avocado on top.

After the avocado came the ‘walnut meat’. This is a great idea. I hadn’t realised it would be so delicious and tasty. H used some leftovers in a salad the following day. It adds a fantastic bit of a flavour slap, so I’m glad I didn’t mess with that layer.

'Walnut meat' on top.

The best part of all was the cashew cream on top. It was the first time I’ve buzzed it up long enough to get it really creamy. It was so delicious that we were sneaking spoonfuls out of the container in the fridge the following day.

Cashew cream on the salad.

Instead of crackers, I served it with corn chips and a spicy bottled salsa. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture with those, because as soon as it was ready we just started eating and couldn’t stop!

Broccoli and tempeh with spicy peanut sauce

Tonight’s dinner was adapted from a recipe for Broccoli and tempeh with spicy peanut sauce from Dianne at Veggie Girl.

Nothing makes you feel more smuggly satisfied than having a beautiful bowl of colourful, nourishing, chopped up vegies ready for dinner. Well, nothing apart from going into your own garden and cutting some silverbeet leaves to add to them! (They weren’t actually part of the recipe. I just added them because they looked so nice.)

Chopped vegies, peanut sauce and crushed nuts.

H hates peanut sauce, so I took her vegies out before I added the sauce and steamed them in a little frying pan. She had it with a little bit of soy sauce instead.

I served both versions on top of some brown rice, with chopped dry roasted almonds (instead of the peanuts).

Vegies and tempeh in peanut sauce on brown rice.

The no-peanut-sauce version on the left, and the peanut sauce version on the right.

I’m always wary of peanut sauce recipes—I’ve had so many failures. They’re usually either tasteless, or too sweet or salty. This one was really good, and really, really easy to make. I’ll definitely be making it again.

Another cashew cream recipe

Since we’ve all suddenly fallen in love with cashew cream, I have been looking for other things to do with it. Here’s a different take on it. A sweet recipe for Raw vegan fudge brownies with cashew cream from Starting Out Raw.

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