Feathery babies and curried ‘egg’ sandwiches

Spring has really hit Melbourne, and what a glorious day we’ve had! A fantastic day for a walk in our beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens. Today we were lucky enough to see some of the newest fluffy downy residents!

Vegan MoFo 2013 banner image

Rather than visit either of the cafés (they don’t have much in the way of vegan food, and were bursting with international tour groups anyway), we thought we’d just have a leisurely walk around the lake.


It was fairy quiet around the back of the lake, and it seems like a popular spot for the new bird parents to raise their tiny new babies at this time of year.

Feathery families

The first evidence we saw of this was a tiny moorhen swimming in a little lagoon part of the lake. I’ve never seen a baby moorhen before, so I just thought it was a tiny one, but it made a funny little squeaky noise and was very cute. I didn’t get a picture of that one—always too slow!

Next, we went around a bend and on a sunny slope, sheltered by trees on 3 sides, we saw the most adorable thing—a swan family of 2 adult black swans sitting, facing away from each other, each looking toward a path. Between them were 4 tiny, fluffy signets playing in the grass.

I tell you what, you would not want to go too close (hence the very distant picture that made me wish I had had a PROPER camera with a zoom). These swans looked like they would tear your head off if you went near their babies…just as any good parent would.

swan family

I didn’t want to worry them (or get my head torn off), so we left them in peace and walked back down the slope to the lake again. Right in front of us, on the edge of the lake was another feathery family—this time it was 2 adult ducks and 6 tiny ducklings. They had walked across the grass and looked ready to jump into the lake.

Duck family

Again, like good parents, they looked a bit edgy, so I snapped a quick, distant photo and we left them to it.

Trying to copy Mister Nice Guy’s curried egg

After our long walk, I was starving…mainly because someone had mentioned Mister Nice Guy, and I’d started dreaming about the curried ‘egg’ bagel I had a couple of weeks ago. I decided to have a try at making the curried ‘egg’ salad to have with some lovely fresh bread we bought at the Vic Market yesterday.

I found lots of recipes for curried ‘egg’ salad sandwiches, but none were very much like Mister Nice Guy’s, so I decided to make up my own by combining a whole lot of the recipes and a few ingredients of my own.

I started by roughly mashing a tiny tin of chickpeas (several of which bounced out of the bowl onto the floor where the dog was happy to clean them up). Then I added:

  • about 125g of soft tofu (half the average-sized pack),
  • a chopped spring (green) onion,
  • 2 teaspoons of curry powder,
  • a tiny bit of salt,
  • a teaspoon of turmeric
  • a couple of tablespoons of vegan mayonnaise.

Curried 'egg' salad

I just mixed it all up and piled it into a sandwich with grated carrot and chopped cos lettuce. I won’t post the picture of the finished sandwich because it looks like a huge mess!

Even H, who normally hates anything with mayonnaise in it, decided it was pretty good and made her own sandwich using up all the rest of the mixture.

In the end, this was good, but nowhere near as creamy and delicious as Mister Nice Guy’s. I’ll be happy to have another try—perhaps with more curry powder and using silken tofu instead of soft, next time. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll just have to go back and sample Mister Nice Guy’s again and see if I can figure it out!

Viral ad (grab the tissues)

A lot of people have seen this already (around 6 million when I first saw it this morning!), but I wanted to post it here, because I think it’s lovely…kind of. Being in Australia, I have very little idea what the Chipotle restaurants are—other than the fact that I’ve heard they have several vegan options (that I’ll probably never taste unless I go to the US).

I know they still sell animal products, and I know this is just an ad for them, but putting that aside, it’s a really lovely animation, with one of my favourite movie songs, and a lovely message—from over here, in Australia, I don’t really care whether the message is true of Chipotle, because they don’t affect me.

The Huffington Post published a parody ad. Check it out if you’re feeling pissed off by the original.

4 thoughts on “Feathery babies and curried ‘egg’ sandwiches

  1. What is it about chick peas that dogs like so much? I guess the same thing that we like so much! Any chickpea salad recipe is good in my book; adding tofu is a new variation for me, but sounds intriguing. Those photos of the families are terrific!

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