Three days without lentils

After my off-putting lentil experience the other day, we’ve now gone 3 days without legumes. That’s probably the longest we’ve been without them in years! I wasn’t really sure what to make without them. It took a little hunting, but I found some delicious legume-free comfort food. I think the memory of the smell is fading now though. It’s time to get back to beans and lentils tomorrow.

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Sausage rolls

I couldn’t really stomach lentils or beans the other day, so I went hunting around for something to feed the family. Then I remembered a family favourite: Where’s the Beef’s vegan sausage rolls.

When I was vegetarian, I used to make the vegetarian version of these, which uses cottage cheese. When I went vegan at the start of this year, I started making the vegan version (with silken tofu) instead.

They’re really good, and are always popular, even with meat eaters who often comment that they are happy to actually know what’s in them (basically, nuts, tofu and oats), unlike the mystery ingredients of the meat version (of course, it can’t be any more comforting to know it’s meat!).

I didn’t have any pecans, so I used walnuts instead, as I always have, and they work well.

It’s such a simple recipe when it’s made in a food processor and is fun to make too.
Rolling sausage rolls

I didn’t have any puff pastry, so I used a frozen, vegan shortcrust pastry. It worked well, but didn’t look quite as nice as puff.
Raw sausage rolls

It makes so many, we even had leftovers the following day, so I could take some to work for lunch.
cooked sausage rolls

I’m planning to make some of these for our work Footy Grand Final Lunch, even though I’m not the slightest bit interested in football. I suppose it’s a chance for a bit of friendly activism—showing people that vegan food is actually good to eat! (With the added bonus that I won’t go hungry at the lunch.)

Martinis and pizza to celebrate new beginnings

Yesterday I didn’t cook dinner at all. The news had finally come through, and my husband was made redundant. My workmates are so lovely, they let me leave straight away to meet him for drinks at Lui Bar on the 55th floor of the Rialto and then we had takeaway pizza for dinner. Life’s not too bad at all!

View from the 55th floor of the Rialto - Lui Bar.

Broccoli risotto

Tonight I was reading through the MoFo blogs and came across Kimberley’s blog post on Kimbelina about broccoli risotto—the recipe actually comes from Vegan Dad. I jumped at that, because I’ve been missing a good risotto, and it didn’t contain legumes (I think I’ll be ready for them again tomorrow).


I loved this, but didn’t expect the family to like it, after all H hates risotto, and none of them like nutritional yeast. Well, they all loved it. When they asked me what was in it, I answered, “arborio rice”, and they didn’t ask for any more details. Maybe they just didn’t want to know.  ☺

The view from the Rialto

Here’s a video of Melbourne, and most of it is taken from the Rialto viewing deck. It’s similar to our view from Lui Bar, but it was a gorgeous sunny day, and from our window, we were facing the bay. A pretty spectacular place to contemplate our next step.

8 thoughts on “Three days without lentils

  1. Mmmmmm yay for sausage rolls, I had Linda McCartney sausage rolls in Phuket, Thailand…so good! These rolls look gorgeous…I want to eat that! The view is breathtaking…I would love to visit Melbourne someday!

    • Hi Rika, Those Linda McCartney sausage rolls are good too (if I remember correctly). I haven’t had one for ages, even though I buy them each week, because my son gobbles them all up before anyone else gets a chance!

  2. And here I’ve been thinking that you were celebrating because he kept his job. Damn

    Those sausage rolls look great. I know someone who will love them as he struggles to adjust to a meat and cheese free diet.

    • Well, we were celebrating not being in limbo any longer! At least now we can make plans. I hope ‘someone’ enjoys the sausage rolls. You can make them for watching the Grand Final…is it next week or the one after?

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