Cheering ourselves up after the election

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It seemed like everyone was trying to take their mind off the disappointing Australian election results yesterday. Luckily it was a glorious Spring day and there were a lot of distractions.

It was hard to get out of bed. I really just felt like pulling the covers over my head and staying there for the next 3 years (until the next Federal election). Luckily, the sky was bright blue, and the Melbourne International Tall Ship Festival  was calling, so we managed to drag ourselves out of bed.

Tall ship at Williamstown festival

Mister Nice Guy—again

MrNG_sticker0913We were running pretty late, so rather than eat breakfast before we left home, we decided to stop by Mister Nice Guy’s and pick up something to eat on the way. (Of course, you KNOW I would have stopped there even if I’d already eaten!)

I was “starving” and didn’t feel like anything sweet, so for the first time, I tried one the savoury bagels. I went for the Curried Tofu ‘egg’ salad Bagel (curried tofu, home made mayo and chives)  along with a hazelnut milk hot chocolate.

But wait, I thought…I might regret not getting something sweet…B is getting a cinnamon scroll and I know he won’t share…perhaps I’d better get a Chocolate Babka for later…oh dear.

And so it was another day of eating way too much!

The bagel didn’t look that exciting compared with the cakes, but it was a big surprise. It was perfectly fresh, with that slightly heavy chewiness of a great bagel. The filling was really thick, creamy and tasty. It was made of tofu, but seemed to also have mashed chickpeas or something. I’ll definitely have it again. In fact I might even try to replicate it at home, it was so good.

Curried 'egg' salad bagel

By the time we got to Williamstown, B was starving and we sat down by the water to watch the boats while he ate his scroll and I did my best to jam the babka into my already full belly. It was so lovely and sweet and sticky that I didn’t want to save any till later…and I regretted it. The far-more-healthy mandarin, almonds and banana that I’d brought along to snack on remained in the bottom of my string bag for a couple more hours.

Chocolate babka and cinnamon scroll

Wooden boats

We saw all kinds of beautiful wooden rowboats, sailboats, canoes, model ships and, of course, the incredible tall ships. I didn’t care that there wasn’t much vegan food available—I’d correctly guessed that the sausage sizzle would take centre stage. I did see the Taco Truck there though…but of course, I just couldn’t…

Beautiful wooden row boat

Life goes on

The sun was still out by the time we arrived home, so we took our little dog down to Yarra Bend Park for a walk by the river. It was one of those beautiful, late afternoons with people sitting at tables by the river, older Italian men playing bocce, over-excited families in hired rowboats and dogs running and sniffing in the long grass.

Our little dog playing in the afternoon sun.
Even after the disappointing election result, it was pretty hard not to feel just a bit happy and optimistic on such a gorgeous day. I think I’ll just avoid the newspapers for a while.

(Someone else’s) video of the Tall Ship Festival

7 thoughts on “Cheering ourselves up after the election

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  2. I want some Curried “Egg” Salad on that delicious bagel! It looks creamy and delicious, now you’d inspired me to make a vegan “curried” chickpea salad! I will make it at home when I get back from my trip! The park looks so serene!

  3. That bagel sounds very tempting and I think the coffee scroll would have been my sweet choice but oh my goodness the hazelnut milk hot chocolate, really? How luscious is that? Lucky you.

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