San Churro: accidentally vegan

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‘What’s your favourite accidentally vegan product?’ When I saw that on the blogging prompts list  on the Vegan MoFo website, I had a great idea. It was time for my first visit to San Churro Chocolateria!

>>UPDATE: San Churro: Churros still vegan…for now – 19 August 2015<<

An amazing discovery

Only last week I was reading through the Vegetarian Victoria website and discovered that the dark chocolate churros at San Churro Chocolateria are vegan.

San Churros sign

San Churro Chocolateria, Lygon Street, Carlton in Melbourne

At first I was over excited about it…but then I decided to restrain myself until I’d heard it straight for the source—it just seemed too good to be true. I quickly shot off an email to San Churro to confirm what I hoped, but hardly dared to believe.

The following day the reply came. With H fidgeting nervously by my side, I opened the email to find that YES, it was true. And that’s not the only thing…they have a range of vegan options including:

  • Dark Couverture Hot Chocolate made with Soy Milk
  • Dark Couverture Mocha made with Soy Milk
  • Classic Spanish Hot Chocolate made with Soy Milk – All Flavours except Hot & Cold
  • Mucho Mango Smoothie
  • Fruit Fondue for Two with Dark Chocolate
  • Strawberry Bowl with Dark Chocolate

I’m sure you can imagine the squealing and happy-dancing around the kitchen that followed.

Drippy delicious melted chocolate

Well, today H was supposed to be having an x-ray of her wisdom teeth, but her appointment was postponed, so we had a little spare time after school. We decided to make the best of things and grab the opportunity to head down to Lygon Street for a taste test.

Churros dipped in melted dark chocolate

We felt a bit guilty and disgusting for having such an indulgent treat, so for a moment we considered the Strawberry Bowl with Dark Chocolate or the Fruit Fondue for Two with Dark Chocolate, but then we agreed…why spoil the bad stuff with healthy stuff? Besides, there is a deal of 6 churros and 2 pots of chocolate for about $14 (which is a bit cheaper than two separate individual serves). It seemed the right thing to do.

When they arrived, we gasped and drooled for a moment, then dived in, dunking and slurping and gobbling. There will certainly be no pictures of us with melted chocolate all over our chins and fingers. In an embarrassingly short time they were gone.

What can I have?

As we were leaving, we noticed that they had something brilliant, something that EVERY café, restaurant and grocery store should have. It’s called ‘What can I have?’ It’s a table showing all the San Churros menu items that suits a range of diets: Gluten free & coeliac, dairy free, vegan, nut free and sugar free. (Sorry about the blurry picture.) The table explains what fits those diets, or what you should ask for to adapt other items to each particular diet. It’s such a simple but helpful idea. I hope the idea catches on .

What can I have? table

Anyway I probably won’t need to use this again. I can’t see myself ordering anything other than the dark chocolate churros anyway.

14 thoughts on “San Churro: accidentally vegan

  1. That chart is a fantastic idea. I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve never heard of churros but they’d need to be pretty good to beat the strawberry bowl with dark chocolate.

  2. Last time I went there they told me the Churos contains eggs and I heard that the melted chocolate in the hot chocolate also contains eggs, so how can it be vegan

    • Hi Kevo, Thanks for your message. This post was from a couple of years ago, and it was definitely correct at the time – at least at the San Churro I went to in Lygon Street. They had a list for a whole lot of dietary requirements, as I mentioned in this post, and also confirmed by email.

      I’m assuming all the San Churro’s would use the same recipes, so maybe they’ve changed their recipes? If that’s the case, that’s a real shame. I haven’t been for quite a while, but I’ll check it out before I eat there again.

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